You have been trusted with a potion shop where concoction brewing is the name of the game. Mix and match ingredients to create the perfect spells for your ghoulish customers. Become an expert and keep witches, vampires, and others satisfied. Get your magic wands ready for potion mixing that is bewitching!

Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with.

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Walkthrough Menu

Getting Started

Witch Switch
  • Select the arrow to open and close the options bar (A).
  • You may change the sound effects (B) and music (C) levels here.
  • Select the gear to tell your friends about the game and access support (D).
  • Select the question mark to access basic help (E).
  • Connect to Facebook (F). You can ask your Facebook friends for free samples or extra lives.
  • Select play to begin (G).

Daily Fortune Wheel

Witch Switch
  • Connect to Facebook to spin the Daily Fortune Wheel (H).
  • Select the wheel every 24 hours to spin and win a booster or a Jackpot full of boosters (I).
  • Select the button to stop the wheel (J).

Targets, Levels, Stars, and Lives

Witch Switch
  • The target for each level is listed in the beginning of each level (K).
  • Earning stars (L) will earn you gold (M).
Witch Switch
  • Your current number of total stars is tallied here (N).
  • You will need a set number of stars in order to play bonus levels (O) and pass through gates (P); the number of stars required is marked above the gates or chests. You may replay a level anytime to get 3 stars if you didn’t make it the first time.
  • Your lives are located here (Q).
  • If you run out of lives, you may connect to Facebook and ask your friends for some (R), you can purchase them (S) or you can wait for the lives to regenerate (T).
Witch Switch
  • If you lose three customers you will fail the level. The counter is located here (U).
  • Targets other than a target score are located here (V).
  • Target score meter is located here (W).
  • The amount of customers remaining are here (X).
  • Pause the game here (Y).
Witch Switch
  • Select here to restart the level (Z).
  • Returning to the map or restarting a level will cost a life (A).
  • Return to the map here (B).
  • You can access help here (C).

Gold and Purchases

Witch Switch
  • Gold is your currency for all in-game purchases.
  • The amount of gold you have is located here (D).
  • Select the gold to bring up the bank to purchase more (E).
  • You will earn gold beginning with Level 6. The amount of gold earned is based on the amount of stars you earned. You may redo a level anytime that you earned less than 3 stars to get additional gold.
Witch Switch
  • To purchase Boosters, select the plus sign (E1) next to the Booster you desire and then select buy (E2).

Gameplay Features

Witch Switch
  • Eyes: First introduced in level 1. You will earn an eye for creating a full one colored shipping box. You can use the eye to fill a single spot left in a shipping box and you will get a extra points for each eye created at the end of the level whether or not you use them (F).
  • Recycle bin: First appears in level 2. Place unwanted items from the conveyor in the recycle bin to make room for new items. Tap the lid repeatedly to hasten the emptying so you can add more (G).
  • Conveyor belt Refresh: First appears in level 2. After recycling 5 items you may select the brush to get a new set of items; all eyes earned will remain (H).
  • Combo: First introduced in level 3. You earn extra points for shipping two full boxes at one time (I).
  • Eye Combo: First introduced in level 3. You will earn a multi-colored eye for creating two or more full same-colored shipping boxes. These eyes can be used to match any color in the shipping boxes (J).
  • Mood meter: First introduced on level 5. Your customer’s mood will decrease if you are not filling their shipping box (K). Placing a present or item in their box will improve their mood. If the meter gets to red, the customer will be lost (L).
Witch Switch
  • Combo x3: First introduced on level 7. You will earn extra points for shipping three full boxes at one time (M).
  • Wishes: First introduced in level 13. When Wishes appear you will eliminate the mood meter after you place an item of that color in their shipping box (N).
  • Multi-color items: First introduced on level 14. Multi-colored items can be used to replace any color (O).
  • Cart upgrade: First introduced on level 18. You will be granted one Cart upgrade for every 2 full shipping carts you send. Cart upgrades allow you to increase the size of the box, thereby increasing your point potential if you fill them (P).
  • Customers item request: First introduced on level 37. Customers will request particular items to be placed in their box (Q).
Witch Switch
  • Customers request colored items: First introduced on level 76. Customers will request particular colored items to be placed in their box (R).
  • Level wishes: First introduced on level 98. Customers will request particular areas to be filled in their box; once those areas are covered the box is considered full (S).
  • Colored boxes: First introduced on level 156. Shipping boxes with a colored background can only be filled with a matching colored or multi-color item (T).
  • Numbered requests: First introduced on level 165. Customers may request an item that cover a specific number of boxes (U).


Witch Switch
  • Rewind: First introduced on level 4. Drag the Rewind button to a shipping box to remove the last item placed in the box (V).
  • Free Sample: First introduced on level 7. Placing a Free Samples in a shipping box of an unhappy customer will boost their mood (W).
  • Cauldron-ater: First introduced on level 8. Allows you to recycle quickly by tapping the lid twice. Select the Cauldron-ater before starting the level (X).
  • Cranky Clover: First introduced in bonus level 10. Activating the Cranky Clover will calm your customers. Select the Crank Clover before starting the level (Y).
  • Magic Wand: First introduced in level 12. Waving the Magic Wand over a hole or ice in a shipping box removes it (Z).
  • Wish List: First introduced in level 13. Activating the Wish List will show you the color choice of the customer and will eliminate the mood meter after you place an item of that color in their shipping box. Select the Wish List before starting the level (A).
  • New Hue: First introduced in level 27. Use the New Hue brush to change any item on the conveyor into a multi-color item (B).
  • Boosters selected prior to starting the level are located here (C); the Cauldron-ater is located here (D).


Witch Switch
  • Moving conveyor: First introduced in level 9. The moving conveyor looks like a regular one but it will move without you having to remove items. If you have eyes on the conveyor, they will come around again; you will not lose them if they go off the end.
  • Carts with holes: First introduced on level 11. You can use the Magic Wand to eradicate the hole or you can find items that fit in the pattern. A full box with no holes is worth more than a holey box (E).
  • Moving conveyor 2: First introduced in level 17. The conveyor belt will move slowly but you need to either use or recycle the item before it falls off the conveyor. If an item falls off the end you will fail the level and lose a life. Using the Cauldron-ater boost will help you recycle quicker (F).
  • Ice: First introduced on level 25. You must remove the ice before can ship the cart. You can only use items that fit on the ice only (G) and not cover any of the surrounding boxes. If you have a single ice cube left you can use an eye or the Magic Wand to remove it.
Witch Switch
  • Bombs: First introduced on level 43. Bombs must be placed in a shipping box to stop the counter; they cannot be recycled. You can place the bomb in the box and use Rewind to remove it to stop the timer and then you may recycle the item. The number on the bomb will reduce by 1 each time you place an item (H).
  • Vampires: First introduced on level 43: Vampires will need to be taken care of before other customers because they are start out in a bad mood (I).
  • Colored ice: First introduced on level 52. You must remove the ice with a matching colored item before can ship the box. You can only use items that fit on the ice only and not cover any of the surrounding areas. If you have a single colored ice cube you can use an eye or the Magic Wand to remove it (J).
  • Chameleon items. First introduced on level 64. Chameleon items change color after each move (K).
Witch Switch
  • Walled crates. First introduced on level 84. Walled crates have inner walls; you must find items that fit without crossing over the wall (L).
  • Webbed items. First introduced on level 105. Webbed items cannot be rotated or recycled. You can place the webbed items in a box and use the Rewind button to remove it; you can then recycle it if not needed (M).
  • Creeping craters. First introduced on level 181. The shape of a box with holes will change after each move. You can prevent changes by using the Magic Wand to fill in the hole (N).

Bonus Levels, Tips and Tricks

Witch Switch
  • Bonus Levels are marked with treasure chests that can be unlocked with a set amount of stars (O).
  • You will earn boosts for completing the bonus levels the first time you win the level (P).
  • The following are some general tips and tricks to help you get through the levels.
  • You can place any item in a customer’s box to boost their mood and take it out with Rewind.
  • Restarting a level will cost you a life but you will start over with new customers and items.
  • You can use Rewind to remove a bomb after placing it in a box.
  • You can place unwanted items in boxes and then let a bomb explode to get rid of them all. It’s faster than using the recycle bin.
  • Refresh the conveyor to remove a bomb.
  • Witches may change their mind on the wishes so you need to be observant; goblins will not change their mind.