Prolific Video Game Voice Actors

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When people think of careers in video games, they often think of programmers or graphic artists. However, there are actually quite a few ways to make a name in the industry – writing, marketing, and don’t forget voice acting! Speaking of which, have you ever been playing a video game and thought you’ve heard a particular character’s voice before? That might be because quite a few actors have made names for themselves through their work in a large number of games. One video game voice actor even has a world record!

Games for Young Kids

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These days, kids and technology seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Kids are able to understand and work with everything from cellphones [...]

Series Spotlight: Nightmare Realm

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To commemorate the release of Nightmare Realm: In the End, I spoke with lead designer Vladimir Fokin about how the Nightmare Realm series got it’s start. After reading the interview below, treat yourself and celebrate the new year a day early by checking out Nightmare Realm: In the End!

Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst Early Concept Art

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Ravenhearst Manor
The process of creating a new Mystery Case Files game requires a great deal of work by many talented people within Big Fish Games. Some of those individuals are the Big Fish Studios’ artists. These artists spend a great deal of time drawing, painting, and rendering the graphics you see in select Big Fish Games releases. Before developers began creating Return to Ravenhearst, concept sketches and paintings were created to help the development team better visualize game play locations. These works also help everyone involved better understand the style, tone, and overall feeling of the game.

Orchestras that Play Video Game Music

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Are you a fan of epic video game soundtracks? To some gamers, the music in the game is just as captivating as the gameplay and plot. While a video game’s soundtrack can add to immersion (ever play a great Mystery game with spooky music?), there has been a growing number of ways to experience the music on its own.

Series Spotlight: Phantasmat

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To celebrate the release of Phantasmat: Crucible Peak, I sat down with lead designer Vladimir Kozik about how the series got it’s start! We all have a lot of chores to get done this holiday season, but don’t forget to set aside some “me time” so you can try Phantasmat: Crucible Peak!

How to Improve Your Eyesight by Playing Games

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Have you ever been told that sitting too close to the TV will ruin your eyesight? That advice is actually outdated now that television technology has advanced enough to include proper shielding between radiation and your eyes. These days, planting your face directly in front of the TV or computer doesn’t hurt your vision, and if there’s a fun Mystery game on the tube, it might even get you to see in 20/20!’