Women in Gaming: Felicia Day

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One of the interesting things about the growing popularity of video games is that they have inspired projects on separate media platforms. And we’re not just talking about rare Mario collectibles – video games have also been making their way into television and popular web videos.

Developer Focus: Artogon Games

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In this week’s Developer Focus, we go behind the scenes with Executive Producer Tim Sadovsky to talk about the Artogon development team & ask him some questions about the future of gaming. Enjoy the interview and make sure to check out all of Artogon’s amazing adventures here!!

HvZ: A Real-Life Zombie Game!

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Video games have inspired a number of new forms of entertainment, some of which are things very few people ever imagined – like building video game collections that sell for thousands of dollars.

Morality in Video Games

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The debate over whether video games can cause real-world violence has been going on for a while now, but a recent Forbes article written by Erik Kain asked another question: “Do real-world morals have a place in video games?”