Week In Review: August 5 – 11

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As they say in the real estate business, “location, location, location.” Help rebuild a city and save it from economic ruin in Be Richest. And if your entrepreneurial spirit is not in the mood for the city life, try your hand on the farm in Farm Girl at the Nile.

Marvelous Medical Games

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If you were distraught to discover the final episode of season 8 would be the last time Dr. Gregory House would sardonically limp (we’re not sure if it’s possible to limp sardonically, but we’re pretty certain House could do it) his way to a diagnosis, then you were not alone.

Bejeweled 2 Cheats & Cheat Codes

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Bejeweled 2 Cheats Want to make your next game of Bejeweled 2 even more fun? Popcap Games is known for including cheats and cheat codes in their games and Bejeweled 2 is no different. We’ve put together a collection of Bejeweled 2 Cheats you can use to add a little more spice to your gameplay. It should be noted that each some of the cheat codes can be enacted at any time while others require the player to reach a predefined level to gain access. Also, some cheats are triggered by typing on the keyboard. Such cheats are NOT case sensitive and can be typed at any time during gameplay. Combining cheat codes is possible and can be seen in some of the screenshots below. To do this, just use the codes simultaneously.