5 Signs of a Video Game Addiction

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child playing with phone Do the people in your life give you a lot of grief because you like to play video games more than the average person? Alright, maybe “more” is a bit too vague. Maybe your hand has started to mold to the shape of your controller or mouse and you see Zerglings everywhere you go. So what?

Environmental Impact of Video Games

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After digging into it, we found that electronic waste is a huge contributor to landfills in our country. Fortunately through downloading, you can still enjoy [...]

Week in Review: June 17 – 23

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If you’re in need of a vacation, sit back and enjoy the tropical delights of Hawaii in Big Kahuna Reef 3. If it has been a while since your brain has had a lexical workout, then Wordary could be the word game for you.

Casual Gamers: Be Proud, the Future is Bright

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We were a little surprised to discover there is an apparent rift between two sections of gamers – casual and hardcore – and even more surprised to read some of the comments the two have left for one another, but that doesn’t mean the two gaming groups can’t get along.

Week in Review: June 10 – 16

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A long-dead pirate romance in Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart brings plenty of heart-pumping action and intrigue to this week’s collection of new releases . If a pirate’s life isn’t for you, Paris Mahjong could take the edge off with a relaxing night steeped in French culture.

Week in Review: June 3 – 9

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Hidden-object mysteries lurk behind many corners this week with “Theatre of the Absurd” and “Rite of Passage: The Perfect Show!” If you’re not in the [...]

Biggest Lies About Video Games

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If your mother ever told you that sitting too close to the TV will ruin your eyesight, you’re already aware of one of the most pervasive urban legends about the so-called dangers of technology. Video games have a fair share of false information circulating about them, too.

Week in Review: May 20 – 26

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This week brings a good balance to your gaming diet with a little family-friendly puzzle solving in Mermaid Adventures: The Magic Pearl and a hefty helping of spooky mysteries and family secrets from Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen. We’ve also brought back a classic with Slingo Supreme 2!