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If you’re a fan of Daily Magic Productions’ unique series, you may have noticed a recent shift in not just the tone and style, but also the storytelling. Dark Dimensions, Daily Magic’s first game series, started with an eerie ambiance and spooky style that carried through the majority of the titles in the series. However, as Daily Magic matured and added more games to their portfolio, the itch to experiment grew stronger. As the team changed, so did the ideas of the writers. Dark Dimensions: Blade Master marks the seventh title in the series. With it, Daily Magic opted to combine a horror-movie aesthetic with an action-adventure storyline, all revolving around a mysterious phantom with an uncanny ability to throw deadly magic knives. Blade Master promises to be Daily Magic’s most action-packed game to date, featuring a fast-paced delivery and heart-pounding puzzles. But how did Daily Magic come to the story they did for Dark Dimensions: Blade Master?


Last year, we interviewed the lead concept artist at Daily Magic about the process of creating environments and characters. As it turns out, Benjamin is also an avid knife collector and hobbyist knife thrower. He told us: “During a pitch meeting for Dark Dimensions 7, we were hitting wall after wall with ideas for the game. We felt like the previous Dark Dimensions didn’t quite tick all the boxes we were hoping for, and we wanted to make sure that the next one knocked it out of the park. However, no ideas were well received by the team. Eventually, our CEO, Marianna Vallejo, suggested that we use blades of some kind for the Dark Dimension. As a knife collector and enthusiast, this idea really stuck out to me. Using my personal experience and excitement for the project, we were able to get off to a solid start. Thanks to input and ideas from our whole team in Russia, we got to work on a game document to pitch to Big Fish. However, it still took multiple iterations to work out the core story. All in all, it took several weeks longer than normal just to nail down a storyline and ideas for Dark Dimensions 7.” Eventually, the team settled on a winding and cryptic story to accent the heavier action elements of the game.Blog

The next thing Daily Magic tackled was deciding on the look and feel of the game. With the new narrative style and story focus, along with visual differences from Daily Magic’s other franchises, the artists and project leads spent more time researching North America and having design meetings to ensure that the look of the game would “work,” and that it would stand out from previous entries in the series. The concept artist worked closely with the team early on to establish color palettes, a grim and dark atmosphere, and an accurate representation of the area depicted. By the time an early build was ready, Daily Magic had crafted not just a visual style for Dark Dimensions 7, but a direction for other brands as well. Dark Dimensions: Blade Master emerged with the most consistent look in Daily Magic’s portfolio.

The programmers and coders then had to work with the game designers to create unique and interesting methods of game play revolving around the theme and narrative. Of course, limitations inherent to the HOPA genre made some more ambitious ideas mechanically impossible. Luckily, Daily Magic employs the most creative programmers and designers in the industry. Thanks to their skills, the team feels that Dark Dimensions: Blade Master will provide some truly awesome experiences you’ve never seen before.

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Over the past six or so months, Daily Magic has worked tirelessly to create what they feel is the most refreshing title in the Dark Dimensions series. Along with upcoming sequels for Sable Maze and Ominous Objects and some all-new brands, Dark Dimensions: Blade Master is set to shine like a well-polished blade!

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