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Whenever I get the chance to visit Daily Magic Productions, I’m guaranteed a fascinating look at their process and people. The studio has a lot going on in 2016, releasing more games than ever before and ramping up for exciting future projects. This time, I sat down with the team who worked on the latest Ominous Objects game.

Ominous Objects: Lumina Camera tells the tale of a supernatural villain who targets people with special talents or skills. All of the Daily Magic team members are obviously talented, but I wanted to know more. What kind of skills or powers did the team members wish they had (besides making amazing games)?

Ominous #2
Senior Project Manager Eugenia Raevskaya is known for her brilliant memory. She has the ability to recall details from even the most obscure movies and games and apply them to her current projects. She wishes she had the ability to stop and control time at will.

Ominous Objects Game Designer Yulia Yakubik loves nature and has a knack for noticing beautiful details in the world around her. She believes that more and more beauty is being lost every year and hopes to help others see what she sees. In fact, that’s the basis for her secret superpower! Yulia wishes she had the ability to activate the hidden gifts of other living creatures.

Programmer Artem Severin has the special ability to see order in all things. “The devil is in the details,” he always says. Artem prides himself on doing things right the first time, but he wishes he had the ability to control sound waves like the comic book hero Banshee.


Daily Magic also has a sizable 2-D art team made up of uniquely skilled individuals.

Dmitri Polonsky, Lead Animator on the series, fancies himself an alpinist and has a heightened awareness of risk and danger. Dmitri is the best person to have in any bad situation! He wishes for the ability to teleport inanimate objects from one place to another.

Ekaterina Katana is an avid horse rider and has been learning to jump to new heights! Ekaterina wishes for increased dexterity and acrobatic abilities to help her move through the city like a free-runner.

2-D Artist Anastasiya Pasko is a history buff and loves to delve deep into the culture and history of the medieval period. She prides herself on being as courteous as a royal lady of the middle ages. However, her desired power is more modern – she wishes for the ability to complete works of art with a single touch of her graphics tablet!

Alexandra Vasilyeva is an adventurer at heart and loves the feeling of taking a big risk. She wishes for nothing more than to live in a foreign country. Well, that and the ability to use ultra-heightened senses to make the right decision in any situation.

Mironov Vitaliy also loves to travel, especially in the wilderness. Vitaliy could be left alone in a dense forest with just an axe and a slice of bread, only to be found years later with a comfortable cabin, trained pets, and a fruitful garden. Even if he got his wish, he swears he would never use his secret power of teleportation to achieve anything his skills as an outdoorsman could accomplish alone.

Ominous 1


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