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The Lifeline Team has gone Halfway to Infinity… and beyond! And we heard through the social media grapevine that players wanted a chance to get to know the people behind it all. So allow us to introduce ourselves…

Here at headquarters we are working tirelessly to expand the Lifeline Universe. We are a small group of highly passionate (and sometimes a little sassy) individuals who despite our different styles coalesce very naturally into one big (green?) functioning blob working towards a singular goal of making the very best product possible. Every member of 3 Minute Games has a special role essential to execute our larger vision of the new Lifeline single app experience, and of course to bring you the best Interactive Fiction out there.

A lot goes on behind the scenes. Countless hours are spent writing, designing, building, editing, testing and iterating to get it just right. One of the best things about this team is how we manage to have fun while getting the job done.

The Lifeline process starts with quality authors writing stories, creating memorable characters, and building worlds. We then get together as a team to design the full experience and match the author’s words with a look and feel. This involves a lot of throwing ideas against the wall to see what sticks. In these early stages our Game Designer can often be found making prototypes. He is an alchemist finding the formula for the potion of fun. Our Engineers are the wizards who transform these ideas into playable games or “gamebooks”. Their persistence and drive for perfection is the cornerstone of Lifeline development. Quality Assurance (QA) is invaluable to the Lifeline process and our resident expert knows all the right paths to take through our story labyrinths. We don’t dare ask for a tally of how many times she’s “killed” Taylor, V. Adams and the other Lifeline characters along the way. Our artists are world class, stepping up to every challenge or crazy idea we throw at them with humility and endurance. Their hands breathe life into the Lifeline universe. Producers are on hand to watch over this process every step of the way making sure that every roadblock is anticipated and every team member has what they need to do their best work. They are the glue that holds it all together. And none of this could be accomplished without a vision. The Lead Producer is the captain of the ship researching, interacting with customers, understanding the marketplace, balancing the realistic with the idealistic to steer the project towards a final destination.

We hope when you play Lifeline that you feel the passion and hard work from all of us. That makes it all worth it.

-3 Minute Games

The Team Behind Lifeline

Jack H. (Hutch)
“I build, break, and then fix the app’s infrastructure.”

Lifeline Engineer

Tell us a something about yourself:
“My career spans this digital universe we’ve created. That ranges from soldering TTL NAND chips to programming using toggle switches, punch cards and paper tape!”


Jeff S. (Pixel Magician)
Artist/Brand Style Expert
“I work as a principal artist on the Lifeline team. We’re a small group, which means I end up creating a lot of different kinds of assets. They’ve asked me to do all sorts of things! Designing the user interfaces for new games, immortalize every member of the Lifeline team as an illustration, make a printable Christmas card for our newsletter fans or even design a poster to be put up all around the city of Seattle during PAX.”

Lifeline Artist

Favorite thing about Lifeline?
“One thing I really like about Lifeline is how all the characters feel so unique. Talking to Wynn or V. Adams is a completely different experience than talking to Taylor. It’s amazing how much the authors make each story come alive! And I can’t forget to mention the awesome Lifeline fan art we see every week. We’re constantly blown away by the talented artists out there!”


Marisa B. (Herder of Cats)
Lead Producer/Product Owner
“It is my job to take all of the pieces of the Lifeline puzzle and put them together to create a cohesive vision. My days involve making lot of lists…

1. Collect all of the Lifeline knowledge

2. ???

3. Profit*

* Reference from the TV show South Park.”

Lifeline Lead Producer

Favorite thing about Lifeline?
“I grew up playing text MUD (Multi User Dimension) games and reading Choose Your Own Adventure books so to work on Lifeline is a dream come true. I love how easy it is to make a connection with the main characters in our games and I am especially proud at all of the strong female protagonists kickin’ butt!”


Leigh T. (Queen Lei)
QA/Breaker of Things
“If something needs to be broken, I break it.”


Tell us a something about yourself:
“I’m an ‘artist in my free time’ when I’m not working (you may have unknowingly seen some Lifeline fan art from me).  I’m a pretty big nerd when it comes to kung-fu movies made in the 1970s & 80s and martial arts in general (I have a black belt in Kyokushin Karate and practiced a number of other disciplines).”


Brenden M. (Spinner of Plates)
Producer/Content Manager
“I create the conditions for success and move Post-Its™ around.”


Favorite thing about Lifeline?
“Sci-Fi or Die! I love the creative, engaging, and unique method of storytelling that Lifeline allows.”


Morgan H. (The Enforcer)
Producer/Scrum Master
“First and foremost, I make sure that the team has the tools necessary to do each of their jobs. I also collaborate with other departments and teams as we schedule timelines, marketing initiatives and social media events to expand the Lifeline Universe. I like to think of myself as a Swiss army knife with multiple tools at the ready to support my team and also, to make Lifeline engaging and fun for our users!”


Tell us a something about yourself:
“I like adventuring with my dog Kam, playing sports, going to concerts and trying new things. I play basketball in a rec league and coach local kids in my free time.”


3 Minute Games R&D


Chris W. (Clutch)
Game Engineer/Code Ninja
“I’m an engineer so my job is to write the code that makes up Lifeline. I help write new game features, fix bugs, improve overall performance, and work to ensure that our game plays well across all of our supported devices. It’s a fun and exciting challenge, especially when we have a small amount of time to work with. I get to take all of our creative content and put it in the game including the story data, the art, and the music. That requires our process to be a collaborative one between not just other engineers but also artists, producers, and quality assurance.”

Favorite thing about Lifeline?
“I love how immersive the Lifeline experience can become. The stories are so good that I get emotionally invested in Taylor and what he’s doing, even during development.”


Dan S. (The Muscle)
Lead Artist/UX Master
“I help drive the creative direction of promotional artwork, branding, and just about anything visual that the Lifeline franchise needs. My favorite times are when we get to use Lifeline characters slightly out of context. I’m looking at you Taylor in headphones…”

Tell us a something about yourself:
“I live on an island.”




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