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Strategy Guide for Bejeweled 2
If you’ve ever played Bejeweled 2, you know what an addicting game it can be. You probably also know how frustrating of a game it can be – especially if you are playing the Arcade mode that features limited time.

We’ve put together a Strategy Guide for Bejeweled 2 that can help you discover ways to approach the game with a more strategic mindset. Rather than guessing which gems to match, this strategy guide will help you know the best moves to make.

Of course, there is no substitute for practice. The more you play Bejeweled 2, the faster you’ll recognize combinations and opportunities. However, it never hurts to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Understanding Randomness

First and foremost, it is important to understand the randomness of the Bejeweled franchise. To the best of our knowledge (only Popcap Games knows for sure), Bejeweled 2 is a game based on randomness. The gems that fall in from the top of the screen are selected by the game at random. Thus, it is possible that following every published game strategy, tip, or trick will still result in your game ending with ’no moves left’. That is the nature of this type of gameplay.

Think about solitaire (another random game). No matter how well you play a game of solitaire, it is still very likely you won’t complete it successfully. For many of us that is what makes these types of games so fun. For others, it can be maddening.

Setting Your Goal

Before you begin a game of Bejeweled, it is important to identify your goal. Depending on what version of Bejeweled you’re playing (Bejeweled, Bejeweled 2, Bejeweled Twist, or even Bejeweled Blitz) and what gameplay mode you have chosen, you may be faced with very different challenges.

If you choose to play Bejeweled Blitz or Action mode in Bejeweled 2, speed matters as you are competing against the clock.

On the other hand, if you are playing Classic mode in Bejeweled 2, then all you care about is passing each level and making ’smart’ matching decisions (more on that later).


Bejeweled 2 is a game of speed. The faster you make matches, the higher your score multiplier goes. The only advice we have here is practice, practice, practice. There is no real trick for playing the game quickly. You just have to be able to identify and make matches without thinking too much. To achieve this ’zen’ level of Bejeweled gamplay, you have to committ to playing the game many times.

Cascading Matches

Bejeweled 2 Cascading MatchesWhenever a gem match is made, points are awarded. However, after those matched gems are removed from the board, other gems fall in from the top to fill the void. Sometimes, these new falling gems will arrive in such a way as to create another match. This match also creates a void on the board which results in more gem falling in and so on. These multiple matches are referred to as ’cascading matches’.

It is possible for any number of cascading matches to be triggered by one initial match. The beauty of these cascading matches lies in the Bejeweled 2 scoring system. Every gem match following the initial match receives greater points.

In the image above, the arrows show the appropriate match to make that will result in a second cascading match. What’s even better is the second match is a four gem match which will result in a Power Gem (see below) being created.

Top Down Strategy

Bejeweled 2 Top Down Strategy
If you’ve decided your goal is to make the most matches, then the top down strategy is what you want to focus on. With the top-down strategy, you want to focus on making matches at the top of the playing board (see image above).

If you aren’t sure what we mean by top-down, imagine you have two (and only two) possible matches, one at the top of the Bejeweled board and one at the bottom of the board. If you choose to activate the match at the bottom of the board, those gems will disappear leaving a void. Naturally, the gems above the void will drop to fill in this empty space. Depending on the location of the second match, the movement of the gems may ruin your second match opportunity.

If, on the other hand, you chose to activate the match at the top of the Bejeweled board, no gems below this match will be disturbed, ensuring the second match opportunity will remain intact.

Bottom Up Strategy

Bejeweled 2 Bottom Up Strategy
While the top-down strategy is more predictable and will likely result in more matches, it also limits the number of cascading matches a player can get during gameplay. This is important if your goal is to achieve the highest score possible. It’s these cascading matches that result in a higher multiplier and higher overall scores.

Although you’ll be focusing on making matches at the bottom of the Bejeweled board, it is important to keep an eye on the gems at the top of the board in hopes of recognizing potential cascading matches.

Vertical Matches vs Horizontal Matches

Horizontal Matching Strategy
Vertical Matching Strategy
Based on the fact that a horizontal match causes more gems to change position (on average), we believe you stand a better chance of activating cascading matches by choosing horizontal matches over vertical matches. As we mentioned earlier, cascading matches result in higher score multipliers so stick with horizontal matches for higher point totals.

Double Matches

Double Match Strategy
As discussed in cascading matches, any time you can get more than one match within a single turn, you’ll earn greater points. As such, if you see an opportunity to initiate two matches with a single gem move, you should consider it before any single match.

Power Gems

Power Gem Strategy - Setup
Power Gem Strategy - Execution
Power Gems are created any time you make a match of four gems or you make a special double match (see below) in one turn. If a Power Gem is then incorporated into a future match, it explodes and destroys the surrounding gems for more points.

In an effort to collect Power Gems, be careful not to back yourself into a corner. The last thing you want to do is avoid using these gems and end up with no more moves. It’s disappointing to watch your vast collection of Power Gems go away because you hoarded them for too long.

Special Double Matches

Special Double Match ’T’ Strategy
Special Double ’L’ Match Strategy
If you are fortunate to create (or trigger via cascading matches) a double match in an ’L’ or a ’T’ shape, you’ll be rewarded a Power Gem. The images above show an example of each special double match.


Hypercube Strategy - Setup
Hypercube Strategy - Setup
Hypercubes are created anytime you make a match of five gems. They allow you to rid the board of all gems of the same color. The beauty of Hypercubes is you don’t have to make a match to activate them. This is great for when you run out of matches on the Bejeweled board. This is great for when you run out of matches on the board. If you have a Hypercube available, you can always use it as a last chance move. That being said, you are limited to the gem adjacent to the Hypercube.

In the image above, for example, the Hypercube is limited to pink, blue, orange, red, or yellow. White and green are not options as they do not border on the Hypercube. As you can see, the player chose to use the Hypercube to rid the board of orange gems.

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