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It’s easy to find yourself lost in the Android video game market with so many developers entering the mobile arena. However, you can still fill your tablet or smartphone with high quality apps by checking out our list of the best Android Games of July 2013!

Jane Wilde

There premise behind Jane Wilde is simple: There are a bunch of monsters roaming the Wild West and it’s your job to shoot ‘em! If you don’t mind a a little cartoon violence , then this game is a fun way to kick back and show those undead hordes who’s boss.

Players who love plot can focus on the 30-level story mode, while those in it for a challenge can play survival mode – the objective here is to survive as long as possible against an endless army of vampires, skeletons and other things that go bump in the night. Appolicious contributor Andrew Koziara commented on the art design in his review. It may not be the most unique graphic style in the world, but it’s well done and fits the overall theme of the game.

“As the debut Android title of Level Bit, it’s a pretty good outing,” Koziara wrote. “It’s just a simple, silly action romp, good for killing a bit of time. It’s also totally free, so if that sounds like your bag, give it a download.”

Treasures of the Deep

As every treasure hunter knows, there are countless artifacts, gems, royal family heirlooms and other secrets beneath the surface of the ocean. The stakes are a little higher in this Match-3 Game, though – the plot follows Arabella Steem on her quest to find her missing father.

There are a few twists as you progress through the game’s 80 levels. While the core gameplay is Match-3 style, each stage has a new puzzle element to it. In addition to gorgeous underwater scenery, Treasures of the Deep features cutscenes to showcase the ongoing story. The app earned a 3.9-star rating on Google Play, and it’s a great pick for fans of the Match-3 genre.
“Another thing that separates it from the competition is the clear storyline that follows each level you have completed,” a DroidStars review stated.

Tiny Token Empires

This may seem like a typical Strategy Game at first, with the goal being to rule over a kingdom, maneuver troops and construct new buildings to outwit your enemies. However, Tiny Token Empires has a unique personality – a really silly one. Although the game was released for iOS and PC a couple years ago, Android users can now get in on the fun!

In addition to typical empire-building activities, you will have to fight enemy armies. Battles are decided the only way ancient armies can truly settle their scores: Through Match-3 Games. Tiny Token Empires handles this element a little bit differently, though. Each unit in your army has a power meter that is tied to a specific color – matching symbols of this color gives that unit more strength, so you can selectively use your Match-3 skills to supercharge your army.

“Tiny Token Empires, a new mash-up from developer BiP media, joins their ranks with ease,” wrote Gamezebo contributor Jim Squires. “It’s like someone took Puzzle Quest, Risk, and Civilization, put them in a blender, and set it to awesome.”


This game, inspired by the movie of the same title, may not offer anything new in terms of plot – a battle rages between good and evil and it’s up to a motley crew of characters to save the world from the bad guys. But it’s delivery is superb. Tycoon Game enthusiasts will enjoy the core component of Epic, as players are tasked with building a kingdom so they can train military units.

There are also some Strategy Game elements – you have to select which type of units to train and understand how to use them effectively in battle. For those that just want to relax and play a good game, there is a single-player campaign mode. However, if you want to crank up the competition, you can compete with your friends in battle mode.

There are a few other tidbits to keep you occupied. An abundance of mini games in case you get tired of managing your kingdom as well as 63 achievements for you completionists out there. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to see the movie to enjoy this app, either. In fact, Arcade Sushi contributor Greg Srisavasdi was fond of the game even though he didn’t plan on seeing the film.

“Odds are I’m going to skip the movie, which is currently receiving sub-par reviews,” Srisavasdi wrote. “Epic the video game, however, is a completely immersive game that will continue to hold my attention well past the film’s sell date.”

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