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The casual gaming community is growing exponentially as more and more people are gaining access to smart mobile devices. Android has perfected the casual gaming marketplace and users can find thousands of games ready to download and play. Match game puzzles are a really popular genre of casual gaming due to their simplicity and accessibility. Here are some really great Android matching puzzle games that are a ton of fun and will also keep your mind sharp!

Gummy Drop

Great news! Gummy Drop is now available for Android devices. Gummy Drop takes you on an incredible adventure around the world. It mixes the strategy of managing resources and the attention to detail required of a matching game. In Gummy Drop, players match gummies in sweet combos of 3 or more to collect enough gummy resources needed to create landmarks from around the world. You’ll be able to get random boosts and lucky spins to help you through the more advanced levels.


Triple Town

Triple Town is an original and challenging puzzle game that can be accessed on Android devices. The overall goal of this game is to solve puzzles in order to create a town. The more items you match up in Triple Town, the more pieces you’ll have to work with in your town. Watch out for the tricky, conniving bears! How large can you grow your town before running out of moves?

Super Monsters Ate my Condo

Developed by the comedic geniuses over at Adult Swim, Super Monsters Ate My Condo gives players a hilarious and frenzied two minutes to score as many points as possible. Create matches with the crazy condos to rack up points and achieve monster-level bonuses. Make sure to try out all of creatures’ different powers to see how you can beat the competition. Good luck!



This game is perfect for experts and beginners alike. Take a trip through the ancient ruins of South America and discover the ancient game of Wonderlines. This sacred game requires you to match colors in a line in order to clear the game board. With three different modes of gameplay, you’ll always find the challenge you’re looking for. Experience the ultimate Zen with this games soothing music and relaxing graphics.

Jewel Legends: Tree of Life

Jewel Legends: Tree of Life has the magical, mythical feel of something wonderful that crawled out of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop or James Cameron’s Avatar. A Match 3 game with a storyline, gamers can help a kindly race of forest-dwelling creatures known as the Hods save the heart of their world, the Tree of Life. The storyline pits good versus evil and advances with each level of Match 3 gameplay. Intricate in design, it’s a challenge to unlock certain symbols from the board to complete the level, earning you a piece of a larger puzzle to help restore the Tree of Life to its former glory.



Clash of Diamonds

In the role of the Alchemist, players in Clash of Diamonds must build their skill level and defeat the competition. You’ll achieve more super powers with each diamond. Maybe you even have what it takes to become king of the realm. In Clash Mode, your goal is to create chain reactions across hundreds of different levels. Unlock the secrets of the diamonds and see how well you can perform.


These are just a few examples of the vast selection of popular mobile gaming Android has to offer. As you can see, match games are a great way to keep your mind and wits sharp. Whatever game you choose, bring the challenge to your fingertips and make sure to take a look around the marketplace.

Did we forget any of your favorite Android match games? If so, let us know so our team and other gamers can check them out!


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