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One of the best things about being a gamer is that it makes you part of a large, diverse community of people. Sure, some arguments tend to come up over which game is the best, but we’re generally a cordial bunch. When YouTube was founded back in 2005, most people probably didn’t know what to expect. In addition to crazy cat videos, YouTube is now one of the go-to places for awesome gaming content. The only problem is navigating through all the other stuff – so, here’s a list of the best gamer YouTube channels to make it easier for you.


It wouldn’t be possible to put together this kind of list without mentioning Hank Green or his brother, John Green. The two YouTube sensations are most known for their vlogbrothers channel, which was a project (or perhaps an experiment) to communicate with each other primarily through video blogs for a year (no text or emails or non-verbal communication was allowed). Following the channel’s exploding popularity and formation of the nerdfighters community, the Green brothers created a few other channels. Hankgames is one in which Hank posts videos of his video game playing, though it sometimes features Hank’s wife Katherine and his brother John. You can check out the duo playing Super Mario Brothers if you want a taste of the (mostly) family friendly style.


If you have yet to find a good video game news source, why not turn to a sarcastic British guy? TotalHalibut is The Cynical Brit’s (AKA TotalBiscuit) channel and features video game explanations, reviews as well as developer interviews. So, it’s not a bad place to stop by if you want the inside scoop on a game.

As his chosen alias would imply, the commentary comes with a healthy dose of cynicism, delivered with a handsome British accent. He also takes the time to answer some fundamental gaming questions like whether you should preorder games. TotalBiscuit does sprinkle in the occasional four-letter word, but his commentary is brutally honest, if heavily opinionated.


Have you ever been playing a video game and had something weird happen? Maybe the screen went blurry, a non-player character started moonwalking or perhaps your own character spontaneously combusted. Gamefails is a YouTube channel all about collecting the top glitches, bugs and other crazy things that can happen in the world of video games. In addition to publishing single incidents of funny moments, the channel also produces the roundup videos. You can see everything from people suddenly taking flight to models that are not fully rendered to in-game people completely frozen in place.

Warning: this channel includes some adult language on a regular basis, so don’t load these up while you’re at work (or wear headphones).


The Guild’s popularity is a good sign that gaming is good enough for the mainstream. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, it’s an independent web series about gamers and has won quite a few awards since it started in 2007. There’s a fair bit of humor that pokes fun at its own audience, but the show also deals with serious issues like video game addiction. Each episode is only a few minutes long, so it’s a good way to get in some sitcom entertainment without spending your entire day watching comedies. The show’s writer and creator, Felicia Day, was also recently nominated for Best Writing in Comedy at the 3rd Annual Streamy Awards, so The Guild is still turning heads. It is also a pretty good example of how a group of dedicated gamers can get something done. The whole first season was funded by fan donations!
If you’ve ever been teased for being a gamer, don’t worry: The Guild says you’re the one that’s cool.

You also get a bonus YouTube channel with this listing because season six of the show premiered on GeekandSundry – a channel dedicated to showcasing indie geek culture. It also heavily features Felicia Day, so check it out if you can’t get enough of her style!


Chefs and food enthusiasts have the Food Network, nature lovers have the National Geographic Channel but what about gamers? Think of an entire TV channel dedicated to gaming and you get Machinima. With more than 7 million subscribers, it has a larger following than YouTube’s own Spotlight channel. It’s popular because it includes a mixture of gaming news, parodies, interviews and commentary, making it an all-in-one source for entertainment. Machinima produces a web series based on Portal. It features the life of those working at Aperture Science, which is not particularly known for taking care of its employees. Machinima also hosts the Inside Gaming Awards, which recognizes games for sound, originality, multiplayer and even co-op. The fourth annual event was held December, with titles like FEZ earning Best Original Score.

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