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Best Game TabletWe were excited to announce PlayWrite today, but we were overwhelmed by the response! Take a look at what people are saying about this groundbreaking device:

“I am planning on using my tablet on my upcoming trip. Lots of time flying so I will definitely make good use of it without having to worry about the electronics interfering with the airplane controls. My kids love it too and at such a good price point I can get one for each of them! Kudos Big Fish!”

“I use my Playwrite to write down questions and reminders when my hubby is at work. I know by the time he comes home I will not remember what I wanted to tell him or ask him. There is also the famous “honey-do” list that my hubby just loves!”

“I love my new PlayWrite Tablet. I use it to make lists and make notes. I love that it works even when the electricity goes out. I never have to worry about the battery dying.”

“I use my gaming tablet to write down the games for my wish list that I want to buy from Big Fish. ;0)”

“The Playwrite Gaming tablet is so versatile, I can even use it at work to take notes and keep inventory, it’s so discreet I can play games with the co-workers even when I’m supposed to be working!!”

“I love to write my kids and i draw color on it and play tons of games on it. Its the best invention since sliced bread”

“Talk about revolutionizing the game experience for all ages! This might even bring about the return of long division with the handy-dandy super size, even the hardest answers appear right before your eyes! And, it works with any writing device! Who needs a mouse to chew through the tablet when any pen or pencil will simply tear it up! Faster than lightning you too can join the fun creating all manner of games including the most fun hidden Object game on the planet – Where did the Grocery Store move the Ketchup? Find everything on the list including the elusive 24oz bottle of ketchup the store moves around more often than Waldo!”

“Forget the iPad, I want a PlayWrite!”

“I want a PlayWrite. Any chance you can hook up a prerelease?”

PlayWrite Tablet

Special thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts about what we feel is the world’s best tablet device.

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