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So you’ve decked out your video gaming library with everything you currently need. There’s only one problem: How can you show off your geekiness? With some gaming-themed earrings, of course! Jewelry is a pretty versatile, so you can showcase your style or make a bold fashion statement, whether you’re a gamer guy or gamer gal. For those of you looking for accessories that feature your favorite characters and fictional items, here is a list of the best gamer earrings!

Health and Mana Video Game Inspired Earrings with Key Charms

Have you ever been crawling along in everyday life, weary-eyed and exhausted? Wouldn’t it be great to make like an Adventure Game character and chug a health potion? Of course, regular mortals are not prone to carrying around health and mana pots wherever they go. At least not until these earrings hit the gaming scene. They take on the shape of small flasks and are filled with a mysterious red and blue liquid.

D20 Earrings

If you’re a more offensively minded gamer, you need a collection of monster-slaying weaponry, and any tabletop gamer will tell you that no such arsenal is complete without dice. That’s probably why numerous vendors over at Etsy have made D20 earrings. They come in all kinds of colors and different sizes, so it might take a little hunting to find the right style for you. The best part about these is that you’ll always be equipped for those spontaneous Dungeons and Dragons sessions.

1-Up Mario Mushroom Earrings

It’s tough to get through gamer fashion without Mario coming up somewhere. These 1-Up Mushroom Earrings sport one of the most iconic video game images ever to grace the TV screen. Besides, most people could benefit from an extra life! There are a little less cumbersome than the first two, and they’re designed to look pixelated. After all, if you’re going to go with a gaming icon, you might as well go old school.

Pixel Heart Earrings

It might seem easy to go gift hunting for a gamer girlfriend, but it can be one of the most difficult decisions a prospective partner has to make. Does she like Hidden Object or Puzzle Games? Can her PC run it? How does a video game symbolize love? You can set those conundrums aside by surprising her with these Pixel Heart earrings. With hooks made of surgical steel, these are both fashionable and sturdy.

Navi Legend of Zelda Earrings

“Hey Listen!” If you’ve ever played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, those are words you won’t likely forget. It’s the repeated phrase the main character’s guide, Navi, said when she had advice to give to the player. While some players are incredibly annoyed by the character, the concept of having a wise guide floating near your head is not a bad one. Fortunately, these Legend of Zelda Earrings can’t talk (as far as we know), so you won’t be pestered every five minutes to hear what they have to say.

Angry Birds Earrings

Imagine spending a good hour toppling those bad piggies in a few rounds of Angry Birds, only to later be assaulted by an errant swine! If only you had an avian arsenal ready. Of course, with these Angry Birds Earrings, you’d be ready to fend off an entire army of pigs. Note: We don’t actually recommend using jewelry to defend yourself against wild animals. However, these are still bound to turn some heads when other players see you sporting characters from the popular mobile game.

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