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Strategy and Puzzle Game fans are in for a treat this month! Whether you want to run your own supernatural hotel or conquer an entire kingdom, this list of the Best iPad Games of November 2013 has you covered!

Transport Tycoon

One of the key benefits to city life is the availability of mass transit, but who plans the bus and train routes? Well, at least in Transport Tycoon, you do! This title originally came out for PC, but made a smooth transition to the iOS. Players are tasked with laying tracks and establishing bus routes and must balance total coverage with efficiency. As Sydney Morning Herald contributor Jonathon Kaesler noted, the iPad version of the game also comes with a few extra tricks, like more vehicles. This includes things ranging from trams to helicopters, so you have a little more flexibility in establishing your transportation empire.

“I haven’t fully explored all of the options with ships and airports, but I am certainly going to be spending a lot of time playing this game,” Kaesler wrote. “I am glad that TT has come to the iPad as these types of games are few and far between and often not that good.” If you’re looking to become the master of mass transit, the captain of conveyance, the chieftain of chariots – well, you get the idea – this game is a great addition to your iPad library.


Castle Clash

This one is for competitive Strategy Game fans. The main goal is to build an impenetrable fortress, the likes of which the world has never seen. Of course, that is easier said than done, because unconquerable castles are not built in a day. To gather the necessary resources, players have to manage their troops and defeat enemies to clear safe paths. Although there are two game modes, multiplayer is where much more of the action is.
“The single player offerings are limited, but important,” wrote Gamezebo contributor Derek Tillotson. “There’s a series of levels players can play through as they wish. Each level consists of a battle against a pre-built base, making it an excellent tool for helping new players learn how to play, as well as what does and does not work when constructing a base.”
Once you get a firm grasp of the game, upgrade your castle and find a good resource-collecting strategy, it’s time to pit your castle against the armies of other players. The competitive aspect of the game may turn some away, but the focus on strategic structure placing and controlling your army rather than requiring fast reaction time. Who among your friends can build the Fort Knox of the iOS?


Swarm of the Dead

Zombies have been a staple enemy in video games for a long time, perhaps because they’re easy to justify in a lot of different story lines – zombies don’t require character development beyond “braaaaaains.” However, Swarm of the Dead takes things in a different direction by letting you command your own army of undead soldiers.
The gameplay follows the traditional Tower Defense formula, and there is quite a bit of strategy involved. There are nine different types of zombies, each with different strengths and weaknesses. With more than 100 levels, you’ll have your hands busy keeping the humans from developing a cure to the undead apocalypse. Of course, as you progress, your enemies become more sophisticated and diverse. You will have to get a little crafty with your tower placement and zombie upgrades to get through the final levels.
One nice feature of this game is that it actually rewards you for playing with your friends. Being social unlocks a special zombie unit that can terrorize the population. While not essential for completing the game, it is definitely a nice touch.


Fright Heights

Have you ever wanted to own a haunted hotel? Terrorize guests? Become the master of all spooky things? This game lets you control your own entourage of ghosts and other things that go bump in the night. The overall objective is to scare your guests outta town. While proposing a questionable business model for a hotel, Fright Heights is an addictive iPad Game that combines the best of the Puzzle and Strategy genre into one humorous package.
In addition to a full array of terrifying monsters, you get magic spells to supplement the spook brigade. Whether you’re summoning vampires or conjuring violent storms, you’ll have plenty of frights to unleash upon your guests. While this game is not incredibly long, with 50 levels to go through, it packs a powerful punch. The app also supports Facebook integration, so feel free to show off your progress to friends!


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