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June has come and gone, but it has not left us empty-handed. In fact, last month brought an abundance of new video games to the App Store. Some classic Roleplaying Games were re-imagined for the digital age, while new titles have emerged to leave their mark. Here’s a list of the Best iPhone Games of June 2013 to help you decide which ones to pick up!

Fighting Fantasy: The Forest of Doom

The year was 1982, back when the latest Apple computer was the Apple III – a machine with an astounding 2 megahertz processor speed (for context, the iPhone 4 has 1 GHz – or 500 times that of the Apple III). It may have been a different time, but one thing has stayed the same: People love Roleplaying Games. This led to a series of gamebooks called Fighting Fantasy, in which players rolled dice to determine the outcome of combat and other interactions with characters inside the book. In 2013, Fighting Fantasy has made a valiant return in the form of a popular iPhone application!

For those that love retro gaming, you’ll notice that this game didn’t stray too far from its predecessors. In fact, gameplay still involves reading along and even rolling dice by shaking your phone! Sure, the pages may be digital, but even the remastered artwork is done in the same style as the gamebooks of yore. Slide to Play contributor Erik Carlson commended this app for its artwork and captivating story.

Fighting Fantasy: The Forest of Doom is a throwback to a much simpler way of gaming,” Carlson wrote. “If you’re in the mood for a short, fun, brilliantly told and expertly illustrated gaming experience, then you’ll be in geek heaven here.”


This is another app that does a fantastic job of translating non-digital game elements to the iPhone. Players are tasked with managing a farm and must strategically place workers to gather resources, which can be used build upgrades. One thing that may be a tripping point for players who are not use to Strategy Games is the large amount of different things to keep track of. In addition to various resources such as wood and clay, players must decide how to best place different workers and various buildings. Players also have cards (starting with 14) that can be used to upgrade workers’ skills and earn other benefits. However, Gamezebo contributor Matt Thrower commended the developer for managing to display all that information while keeping the app accessible on the iPhone’s small screen.

Agricolasupports single-player mode, in which you can go up against AI-controlled opponents. But the game really shines when you compete against friends to see who is the best farm manager around town. You’ll have to be efficient, though – each game only lasts 14 rounds.

“Depending on who you listen to, Agricola might be the best board game ever,” Thrower wrote. “A very substantial portion of the hobby gaming community certainly thought so for a long time, and it’s almost undeniably the apex of the heavy, non-random worker placement genre.”

Bridgy Jones

If you’d rather be the designer than the manager, then this game is a good choice! Players are tasked with building bridges that are sturdy enough for a train to cross. With 32 levels and more than 120 objectives to complete, there is plenty of extra challenge available for those that want to do more than complete every stage.

As with most games of this genre, you will have a limited amount of resources to work with, so winning is a matter of proper placement and using the right materials in the right places. Some would argue that working within constraints can power the creativity engine, and Touch Arcade contributor Marquice Johnson agreed with that sentiment, commending Bridgy Jones for allowing players to create unique structures that are interesting to witness, even if they do often collapse.

Bridgy Jones catches my imagination in subtly complex yet playfully joyous ways that few apps can,” Johnson wrote.

Quadropus Rampage

The is trouble coming underneath the calm waters of the ocean in Quadropus: An army is invading! Players take on the role of an octupus-like creature (only with four tentacles instead of eight) that is charged with defending his underwater home from the nefarious villain Pete. If that’s not an intimidating name, we don’t know what is.

This app acts like an action game, where you control the main character with a virtual joystick and tap a button to control Quadropus’s tentacles. Of course, no action game would be complete without loot, and this is where some of the game’s charm starts to shine through. As Pocket Gamer contributor Nadia Oxford noted, players start off with a tennis racquet. However, the more powerful items come with increasingly ridiculous names like the “Cheese-Filled Goat of Consequence.” While we do not recommend weaponizing goats in general, it’s probably okay for an iPhone game.

“This game is more proof that everything is better down where it’s wetter – violent brawls included. Quadropus Rampage is a treasure of a game, though it’s difficult not to dwell on how much it would benefit from a tactile control scheme,” Oxford wrote.

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