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When you’re actually looking forward to waking up at 6:15, jumping in the shower, grabbing a coffee and getting on the subway, you know there might be a problem.

What would cause such irrational behavior? Is there something people are actually looking forward to about a commute? You may simply be too in love with one of the many great puzzle games for the iPhone. From basic number games to colorful dots, shapes and graphics, the top games are challenging to the mind, and your thumbs! Do you agree with our picks for iPhone puzzle game greats?


If you stop to look up from that iPhone during your morning commute (it’s ok, we know you won’t) you’ll probably notice half the train is deeply involved in Threes! from Sirvo LLC. Available for the iPhone and iPad, this simple game has the player sliding around number combinations to solve math problems – 1 + 2 = 3, 6 + 6 = 12 and so on. Threes! is a real head trip once you get into its fast-paced levels. This self-proclaimed “tiny game” has a big heart, multiple levels of challenges, and enough fun to help you forget that you’re doing math. No wonder Apple named it a “Game of the Year.”



Put simply, Dots is insanely addicting! Playdots, Inc. has created a game about connecting, which has literally taken the world by storm. It’s currently the #1 game in over 20 countries around the globe, and will probably distract at least half your coworkers during Monday morning status meetings. The endgame in Dots is to climb the leaderboard by connecting the same colored dots, both vertically and horizontally. Players can also save spare dots to use later as power-ups. Users can choose from four different types of challenges: Timed – connecting as many dots as you can in under 1 minute, Moves – a slower version of connecting fun, Endless – for whose who want their dots relaxed, and Challenges – where you can challenge friends or strangers from anywhere!

Panda PandaMonium

Join the most adorable panda to ever grace the screen of a smart phone on a puzzle-solving journey through your daily ride to work. Panda PandaMonium from Big Fish is a fun and vibrant game. Slide your tiles around strategically to match items and win daily challenges. You’ll get hooked on those higher levels, along with every cute panda who pops up!


Tetris® Blitz

Taking a classic like Tetris® and reimagining it as an award-winning app wasn’t easy. Luckily, Electronic Arts hit a home run with their version Tetris® Blitz, which introduces fast-paced timed levels, explosive power boosts and a color scheme that will turn your iPhone screen into a nightclub background. Precise tap or drag-and-drop controls allow the player to move their shapes quickly, building up tiles then tearing it all down. You’re not just battling the timer; you can also enter a ‘versus’ mode to compete against random players or friends and family. It will definitely help liven up your trip into the office every morning.

Looking for a few ways to kill some time while sitting on the train or bus? Look no further than our list of the best iPhone puzzle games, sure to have you arriving at the office with more than enough gusto and creativity to power through the work day.

Have any other iPhone puzzle games you like that weren’t mentioned on our list? If so, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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