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Pinterest is essentially a curated catalog/gallery for anything graphical on the Web, and one of my favorite online services. Pinterest allows a curator to curate/edit/expert filter available options, which are typically graphical images found all over the Web (they also support video). People can follow others based on shared interests and aesthetics and like or repin the items discovered. For example, I only pin things that I like, or are aesthetically pleasing to me. So, in a way, my followers subscribe to my aesthetic point-of-view.


I love it because it allows me to replicate some other very natural behaviors, like the clipping of a magazine article or recipe to give to a friend. Except I have millions of magazines and millions of friends. It’s a digital obsession, for sure, and really excellent for bonding over cool things. If you’re a guy who likes interesting things, it’s also great for you.  There are tons of boards curating the Web from the male point-of-view, replete with excellent gear, DIY and other male obsessions.

Some excellent Pinterest boards and searches for gamers to try!


Pinterest is a huge canvas for niche video game interests.

  • Here’s a Legend of Zelda lover who is able to showcase his/her interests according to any whim they come up with.
  • A board celebrating the diverse cuteness of the mobile gaming space.
  • Classic Pinball board, with vintage pinball machines and other nostalgia.  Some of the pinball machines presented go back to the 1960s, like a classic Wolverine game.  Low-tech by comparison to the more recent models, but it’s a good example of the game form’s evolution over time.
  • Want to take your gaming affections to the next level?  How about a Mario party next time you need an idea for a birthday or anniversary party?
  • Cosplay and costuming beyond your imagination. 
  • Video game tattoo gallery of beautiful game-inspired ink.
  • Videogame wedding planning.  Yes, yes, you can.
  • Video game rooms:  Struggling to complete your gaming lifestyle with the ultimate reflection of how much you love them?  Video game rooms will impress your friends, and have you soaking in video game Nirvana on a regular basis.
  • Games Research (one of my boards):  I collect all sorts of artifacts related to games research on this board.  It includes everything from video game studies to the latest in hardware and software for gamers.

Finally. a Pinterest tutorial so you can make your very own boards:


Have some favorite game or play related Pinterest boards?  Please post them!

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