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Who can resist knee socks – especially when they’re adorned with your favorite video game characters?

They’re versatile, too. Even if you’re not into wearing skirts, shorts, or dresses to show them off, these socks look great with a simple pair of jeans and some flats that expose just a hint of the pattern on the top of your feet.

Here are 15 pairs of my favorite knee socks to show off your gamer tendencies.

1. Super Mario Red Mushroom Socks

Mario Mushroom Socks frontMario Mushroom Socks back

Grab one of these mushrooms in Super Mario and you grow taller. Maybe these will stretch me out by a few inches, too.

$9.00 – Buy on The Cultural Exchange

2. Super Mario Green Mushroom Socks

Super Mario Green Mushroom Socks BackSuper Mario Green Mushroom Socks Front

Not one, not two, but FOUR extra 1-ups are close at hand.

$7.95 – Buy on GKworld

3. Arcade Game Socks

Arcade Game Socks FrontArcade Game Socks Detail

Reminiscent of many 8-bit childhood games. One of my personal favorites – the monsters are KYUUUTE!

$9.00 – Buy on Sock It to Me

4. New York City Map Socks

New York City Map Socks SideNew York City Map Socks Front

Not exactly video game, but these socks should strike a chord with anyone who has a love of 8-bit world maps. (The totally rad thing? They’re useful when you travel to NYC.)

$21.00 – Buy on Ozone Socks

5. Portal Socks

Portal SocksPortal Socks detail

Ready for the long fall? These sassy socks are based on Valve’s hit game PORTAL.

$11.99 – Buy on J!NX

6. My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Striped Socks

Rainbow Dash Socks SideRainbow Dash Socks Detail

Unlike many ’80s revival cartoons *coughTeenageMutantNinjaTurtlescough*, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is truly worthwhile. Rainbow Dash is the sporty, spunky pony – graced in old-school athletic stripes here, ‘natch.

$12.00 – Buy on

7. Rainbow Dash Mane Socks

Rainbow Dash Socks sideRainbow Dash Socks front

I couldn’t pick between the two different Rainbow Dash socks, so I picked both. These are way cool because Rainbow Dash’s majestic mane flows behind your calves as you run.

$15.00 – Buy on

8. Sonic the Hedgehog Socks

Sonic the Hedgehog Socks sideSonic the Hedgehog Socks front

Speaking of “dash” – remember when SEGA released their Genesis system and Sonic ran at unbelievable speeds in lush, 16-bit graphics? Show your pride for the back-in-the-day alternative to Nintendo.

$5.99 – Buy at Spencer’s

9. Zombie Socks

Zombie SocksZombie Socks detail

Braaains…. BRAIIIINNNSSSSS!!! These socks have them. The zombies are adorably ambling toward the little lumps of headstuff. So cute, right?

$9.00 – Buy at Sock It to Me

10. Nintendo Cloud Socks

Nintendo Cloud SocksNintendo Cloud Socks detail

Feel totally zen on Cloud 9 with some happy little cloud socks. Bob Ross would be proud.

$6.99 – Buy at Diesel Sweeties

11. Bullet Belt Socks

Bullet Belt SocksBullet Belt Socks detail

Show off your CALL OF DUTY pride with belts of ammo strapped to your calves.

$20.00 – Buy at Ozone Socks

12. Tetris Socks

Tetris Socks

Drop it like it’s hot, ’cause that’s what these knee-high Tetris socks are all about.

$16.93 – Buy from Chain Reaction Cycles

13. Diablo III Socks

Diablo SocksDiablo Socks detail

Hellooooo Diablo! Give them a taste of the Mistress of Pain with this elegant little number.

$11.99 – Buy on J!NX

14. Godzilla Socks

Godzilla SocksGodzilla Socks detail

Go on a rampage with these angry dinosaurs. Now all we need are Mothra socks and we’d have a totally sweet battle afoot. (See what I did there?)

$9.00 – Buy on Sock It to Me

15. Nintendo Bad Guy Socks

Nintendo Bad Guy SocksNintendo Bad Guy Socks detail

Don’t be a Shy Guy – slip into these and get ready stomp some Goomba, Koopa Troopa, and more.

$10.00 – Buy at

Which knee-high socks are your favorite?

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