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1C WIRELESSWhat is 1C Wireless?

1C WIRELESS is the mobile division of 1C Company – the leading publisher of games in Russia. We’re a strong team of 30 game ninjas with over 450 mobile games and applications developed across a wide range of platforms.

What challenges did you face developing Big City Adventures: San Francisco for the iPhone?

Leveraging the rendering capabilities of the iPhone to get the same visual effects as the PC version of the game was an early challenge we had to overcome. Perhaps the most enjoyable challenge was building iPhone specific features such a Bluetooth multiplayer and accelerometer shake. Adding such features makes this great game even better!

Big City Adventure: San Francisco Screenshot 1

What aspect of the game are you most proud of?
Like we already mentioned, we take great pride in mastering the rendering capabilities of the iPhone. This allowed us to implement the graphical effects featured in the PC game so they play as smoothly on the iPhone. It was a significant challenge, but we made it happen.

Describe some of the games more innovative aspects…
Being able to challenge a friend to a hidden object scavenger hunt is a first for the iPhone. We think it’s an innovative, fun way of leveraging the Bluetooth multiplayer functionality of the iPhone. No need to take our word for it though…try it out with a friend for free by downloading Big City Adventures Lite!

What’s your favorite Big City puzzle?
The Match 3 puzzles. I find them to be the most action-packed.

Big City Adventure: San Francisco Screenshot 2

How does developing on the iPhone compare to other platforms?
Compared to other mobile platforms we work with, iPhone OS encourages using higher-level APIs and frameworks. On other platforms we used to rely on our own code to draw, scroll, and handle input as the existing APIs were not able to provide the necessary level of performance. These APIs and frameworks make development a lot easier.

What’s your favorite App?
Well, in the past it was alarm clock! Now our favorite is Big City Adventure: San Francisco.

What city would you like to see become a Big City Adventure?

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