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Ultra 3D Gaming Technology
Big Fish Games is proud to announce the release of Hoggles, a remarkable breakthrough in 3D gaming technology that combines the latest in multi-dimensional physics with high-fashion eyewear. Featuring “Ultra 3D,” Hoggles marks the world’s first documented advancement in visual depth and clarity perception.

“The release of Hoggles will literally open people’s eyes to a new gaming reality. Our R&D team has spent hours developing Ultra 3D – a scientific breakthrough that can best be described as really, really 3D,” said company founder, Paul Thelen. “All future Hidden Object games will be Ultra 3D enabled and will require users to wear Hoggles.”


Through the use of space-age glass and a fin structure designed to lower glare and eye strain, Ultra 3D enabled Hidden Object Goggles – or Hoggles – offers users the ability to perceive depth, color, and distance simultaneously.
Ultra 3D Technology

Big Fish Games’ development of Hoggles and Ultra 3D was done in direct collaboration with Big Fish Games’ Studios. Look for both to make their debut this summer with the release of Mystery Case Files: Robots Attack!.

“The release of MCF: Robots Attack! will mark a bold, new direction for game development at Big Fish Games,” said VP of Studios, Pat Wylie.
Mystery Case Files: Robots Attack!
“We see standard 3D as extremely limiting to the world of computer games. With the announcement of Ultra 3D and the release of Hoggles, Big Fish Games boldly takes the lead on a new frontier we feel will change the face of Hidden Object gaming forever.”

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