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We are happy to announce an update to our blog and walkthroughs! As you’ve probably already noticed, we just launched a completely redesigned blog – with a new header, navigation, and walkthrough section. The new update will help surface editorial content, while also making it easier to find and navigate game walkthroughs. I’d like to walk you through some of the new features you’ll find around the blog.


The blog features a cleaner design, wider content area, and improved navigational elements.

Blog Redesign

Blog Search

We’ve made finding content on the blog much easier by adding a search feature.

Blog Search

Connect on Social Media

We’ve made easier to find us on Facebook and Twitter.

New Walkthrough Page

We’ve put all walkthroughs together in one easy location. You can find it by clicking Walkthrough in the top navigation menu.


Walkthrough Search

In addition, you’ll find a search engine and A-Z navigation system to quickly navigate to the right walkthrough.

walkthrough search

Increase Walkthrough Image Width

Finding objects in small images can be hard, so we’ve increased the width of images we can publish in walkthroughs. This means walkthroughs may have larger, more detailed images.

Thanks for reading and please send along your feedback via the forums, so we can keep making this better.

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