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Big Fish Games Summits Mt. Rainier
A big congratulations to Alexey Tugaenko of Top Evidence Studio, Ed Viesturs, Mike Uchal, and Felix T Fish on their summit of Mt. Rainier! Alexey was the winner of our Climb Mt. Rainier contest.

Alexey is the developer responsible for Haunted Manor: Lord of Mirrors. In this wildly popular Hidden Object game, players must help Stan Riddle escape the clutches of the devious Lord of Mirrors.

Ed and Mike acted as Alexey and Felix’s guides during their journey to the top of the highest point in Washington state. Ed is one of only 17 people in the world ever to summit all 14 mountains on earth above 8000m (26,247 ft). Both Ed and Mike act as guides for RMI Expeditions.

Congratulations to everyone for reaching the summit and to Alexey for creating such a wonderful game.

Climb Mt. Rainier

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