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Puget Sound Business Journal Best Companies to Work ForWe’re very happy to announce that we were recognized by the Puget Sound Business Journal as one of the best places to work in Washington!

Although we did not win, we were a finalist in the Large Company category, along with twenty-four other amazing companies. We are so honored to have been recognized among such great company. We were also thrilled with the other awards given out for the fun Puget Sound Business Journal Photo Contest.

You may be thinking, “What is it about Big Fish Games that makes it one of the best companies to work for in the whole state of Washington?”

Jeremy Lewis, our CEO, said it best, “Big Fish is successful because we are focused on building a place of shared brand values and purpose. As we scale our workforce globally, we are investing huge energy in building a sense of cultural cohesion among our teams in different regions. This cohesion and shared culture is grounded in our corporate strategy and contagious passion for bringing fun to the world, and makes our company one of the best places to work.”

Jeremy Lewis, Silliest CEO

Silliest CEO: Gold (Eliza Truitt Photography)

In other words, there isn’t just one specific thing that sets Big Fish apart from the rest, but a big part of Big Fish’s success can be contributed to its overall culture.

We’ve created an environment that encourages innovation and creativity. Employees are always encouraged to share their ideas, and have the ability to work collaboratively with teams that can provide the support and resources they need to see their visions through.

What is especially unique about innovation and creativity at Big Fish is that it can come from anywhere. Someone in Engineering may have a great idea for a new tool that directly benefits the Marketing group, or Customer Service. In turn, Customer Service might have an idea that would benefit our Studios team, based on what they have seen from customer feedback. We provide our employees with the freedom to share ideas across the board, not just within their own department.

Big Fish iTeam

Most Creative: Gold (Reema Al-Zaben)

We are also incredibly driven, focused, and dedicated to continue building our core business of casual downloads, but we’ve also worked hard to explore other ways to expand our business. Our most successful recent ventures have been entering the iOS mobile market, and expanding the downloadable game business internationally by adding five new sites in other languages. In addition, our new cloud streaming service, Big Fish Unlimited, is yet another example of how Big Fish is innovating and staying on the cutting edge of new industry technologies.

With every new venture, we continue to work to deliver the best quality products and provide the ultimate customer service experience.

Best Costume

Best Costume: Bronze (Eliza Truitt Photography)

In addition to all the hard work, focus, and creativity, one of our greatest strengths is what happens behind the scenes. This is a company that likes to have, and greatly encourages, FUN!

Everyone should enjoy what they do, and have fun while doing it. There are little quirks, like scooters to use in the office, and of course a break room on each floor equipped with plenty of games to play! One break room even has a Ms. Pacman / Galaga table top arcade game. But beyond that, it’s nice to have a little non-work related fun around the office with your co-workers.

Happy Employees

Honorable Mention (Reema Al-Zaben)

For example, just last week Big Fish’s very own “Fun Squad” surprised everyone with an ice cream party to celebrate the good weather. The Fun Squad is also responsible for putting together our yearly company party to celebrate the anniversary of the company and all of its employees. This party comes complete with Rockaroke! As it turns out, we have some very talented singing fish here in the Pond.

Nerf Warriors

Honorable Mention (January Fredericks)

We’re very proud of our culture, and we are very honored to have been recognized by the Puget Sound Business Journal. We strive every day to deliver our best to our customers, our business partners, and our employees. The culture here wouldn’t be what it is today without the individual contributions from each team member. We all feel very lucky to be part of such an amazing team.

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