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Video games are the fastest growing form of entertainment on the planet. Almost everyone plays games and we all have our favorites. Whether it be a match 3 game, RPG, shooter, post apocalyptic adventure game, or you name it .. it’s probably out there. Another trend we’re seeing (and happy to be a part of) is the improved communication and closer relationship the consumer has with the developers of these games.

We wanted to continue this growth and evolution of the industry by releasing a weekly webshow that would talk not only about upcoming titles, but also help our fans with tips & tricks, listen to their feedback, and present them with sneak peeks and giveaways. Bringing together the people who love the games with the people who make them (via a conduit of Jessica and Carlos – PR and video gurus).

Note: It must be said that we were definitely inspired by Nintendo’s webshow The Treehouse and Nintendo Minute, who in our opinion blazed the trail ahead of us.

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