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A series of devices, derived from the technology of ancient Atlantis, have been stolen! The technology of these devices is very advanced, with the power to absorb color. If activated, all color would be drained from planet earth.

To make matters worse, the mysterious culprit seems to have in their possession a quantum hourglass, allowing them to travel throughout both space and time, enabling them to wreak havoc and steal color at random.

To stop this villain, you must follow in their footsteps and restore color to the world location-by-location. It’s up to you to save the day in World Mosaics Chroma!

How to Play

“World Mosaics Chroma” is a social brainteaser game that combines the minesweeper and Sudoku mechanics. Travel across the globe, and time itself, progressively solving pictographic color puzzles to restore the color that has been stolen from the world. Demonstrate your mastery of each level by earning Stars for level completion, achieving a high score, and your ability to complete a level without making a mistake!

Each stop on your journey presents new and unique challenges that will require you to tune your strategy. Challenge your mind with new features such as rotating puzzles, color bombs, and color keys. Expand your in-game community by befriending neighbors, or recruit your friends to gain extra lives and unlock new areas. Should you get stuck a variety of tools are available for purchase to aid you in your adventures. Every level you complete unlocks new clues and information as to the whereabouts of the stolen devices and the villain responsible for turning the world gray.

Can you bring back the worlds’ color!? Play now on PC!

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