Best Blackjack Blogs and Forums

Though the basics of blackjack can be picked up relatively quickly, smart players can spend a lifetime learning how to master the game. Fortunately, there are several communities of pros, players and prospective card sharks hoping to pool their knowledge and experiences in an effort to gain that much sought-after player advantage. With an ever-expanding roster of gaming sites claiming to be the biggest and best around, gamers might not know where to look. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best blackjack blogs and forums around.


Arnold Snyder’s Blackjack Forum

Named for one of the seven original inductees of the blackjack hall of fame, Arnold Snyder’s Blackjack Forum is one of the most popular communities of blackjack players on the Internet. The site was born from the eponymous print publication launched in 1981, and has carried that reputation for professional discussions and unique strategy developments to its online form. Though not consistently updated, the site boasts a number of quality strategy blogs from its namesake that are sure to help beginners step up their game considerably.


Blackjack: The Forum

Among the more interactive sites on the list, Blackjack: The Forum is a gambler’s dream, with forum posts and strategies for all aspects of the game. From bankroll management to card counting advice, the site features professional and amateur conversations in its proper forum, as well as quality blogs and news pieces from the world of professional gambling. As in most web forums, new users will have to register to access all of the site’s content, yet would-be blackjack players can find more than enough information to get their gaming careers started.


Blackjack Apprenticeship

An ideal spot for first timers trying to get their feet wet in the blackjack world, this site is a repository for beginner strategies, user comments and different styles of play. Users can browse specialized forums on card counting strategies, read through a library of blogs written by professional players – even listen to podcasts from known professionals hoping to impart their wisdom and share stories about past gaming experiences that helped shape them into the celebrated gamers they are today.


Though posting in its forum has fallen off somewhat in recent years, this site maintains an active and extensive blogging community that covers a wealth of topics such as splitting strategies, knowing when to surrender and tips on dealing with brick-and-mortar casino operations. Some blogs even answer reader questions, meaning that users have an avenue to converse with the pros whenever a curiosity arises. With archived postings from as far back as 2004, players will find a lot of information to peruse on this site.

Things to Look for: Choosing a Forum

Of course, players may want to do their own research when looking for a blackjack blog or forum that speaks to them. While what we’ve listed above includes some of the biggest names in the field, players need to find a community tailored to their own playing style, level of skill, general attitude and decorum. As such, here are some things to look for when choosing a gaming forum.

Frequent Updates:

It’s easy to set up an internet forum, but they are also easily abandoned. When looking at gaming forums, be sure that members are actively involved in the web community and that players are frequently posting, commenting and replying on the site. Being a part of a lively Internet community will help energize your enthusiasm for the game, and sharing that enthusiasm with a collection of players in the same boat can allow gamers to grow in ways they might not have otherwise considered.

Professional Presence:

The best source for advice with whatever you’re looking to learn will always be professionals working in the field. As such, be sure that there a number of professional players are participating in the discussions on the site, ensuring a high level of input from quality sources. Ideally this would be the case in both the blog and the forum sections of larger sites, though this is a rarity on most gaming sites, as professional gamblers tend to log a lot of hours on gaming sites as well as brick-and-mortar casinos.

Forum Decorum:

As anyone who has ever read the user comments on sites like or YouTube is well aware, not all online conversations are what one may refer to as “civil.” Blackjack forums and blogs are no different, so players will certainly want to monitor the discourse of different contributors on the site before committing. Look to be sure that the other forum members are actually contributing to the dialogue, not just posting snarky comments or spamming the board with misleading links.


When dealing with online gambling, users should be prepared to encounter some lascivious characters at one point or another. While we briefly touched on those users whose comments can be somewhat unsavory, there are some sites that will gain advertising revenue from some risqué sources. Be prepared for banner ads that may not be family-friendly or offer some questionable “offers” that may be smokescreens for scammers or hackers. Most forums will not require users to enter any credit card information, so be wary of those that do.