Learn to Play Slots

If you step into any casino, slot machines are likely the first thing you’ll see. Many beginners often find themselves sitting in front of a slot machine, on the edge of their seat with anticipation, waiting for the combinations of lights and sounds that signal that they’ve won. There are always a multitude of slot machines with players testing their luck with each pull of the lever. Playing slots online is just as exciting and fun as playing in a casino. But there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to this popular gambling game. Of course there is a lot of luck and chance involved, but to get the most out of your game, you should understand the basic rules and terminology of the game.


Old fashioned “One Armed Bandit”

There are a wide variety of slot machines out there with different features and bonuses to each one. Minimum and maximum bet allowances will vary from one slot machine game to the next. With each different slots game, it’s important to know which buttons you’re clicking. Slot machines typically have numerous buttons on the machine that can perform various functions and actions. Make sure to be aware of your surroundings and know what each button does so that you don’t change your bet by accident. If you’re new to the game, online slots are a great option – this version allows you to understand the mechanics of the game before betting any real-world money. Keep these rules and tips in mind next time you sit down to play slots:


Know the Minimum Bet

This also helps in narrowing down which slots game to choose. Different games have various maximum and minimum bet sizes, so pick one that suits you and your playing budget. Progressive slots offer large jackpots, and that number often increases as more people play, until someone hits the winning combination.

Getting Familiar with the Slot Machine

A slot machine will often have a lever on the side and three or more reels in the middle. Traditional machines require players to put a coin or dollar amount into a slot before playing. To play, the player simply pulls down on a lever – or with online gaming, click a lever – and the various symbols and numbers begin spinning on each reel. Once the spinning stops, the symbols and numbers form a pattern on the screen. If the symbols all match up or if the right combination is formed, the player wins. Common symbols could include fruits and shapes like hearts, bells, apples and diamonds. A random number generator determines the outcome of the game, and the symbols represent this outcome.

Playing Slots Online

1-3-Fruit-Frenzy-Screen-ShotPlaying slots in an online environment is similar to playing in the casino. It has all of the excitement that the casino offers, right in the comfort of your own home. You can play slots using your web browser or with a mobile app. In addition to the standard “real money” or “real cash” games, many online casinos offer an arcade mode that allows you to practice as much as you would like. This is a perfect opportunity to get familiar with the slot machine and the rules of the game before betting your own money. Game play is as simple as pressing a button and watching the reels spin right before your eyes.

General Rules

The basic objective of any slots game is to get the winning combination of symbols on the reels, which carry rewards based on the bets placed. Play depends on how much a player has wagered. Random number generation determines the outcome of every spin and corresponding rewards are automatically credited to the player. You can place a bet on a payline, or the set of symbols that match on the line when the reels stop spinning. Different games have different numbers of paylines. Early slot machines all had horizontal paylines, while more modern slots games can have paylines that are diagonal, horizontal or even zig-zag.


When placing a wager on a modern slot machine, you have the option of using casino cards or cash. Bets can be made in varying denominations based on the machine buttons. With online slots, however, you simply press the button answering for bets – the amount you wagered will be used in the game and taken from your account. After you have placed the appropriate bet, you just press the button and watch the reels spin in anticipation.

Bonus Symbols

  • Scatter Symbols - Slots games feature a number of symbols and icons, one of them being the scatter symbol. It’s found only in video slots games and can add considerably to a player’s winnings. These symbols carry rewards when they appear on the reels,and the more scatter symbols there are on the wheels, the greater rewards. In some games, it activates a bonus game, while others it can act as a multiplier.
  • Wild Symbols - Wild symbols are another type of rewarding icon in slots games. These are featured in both reel slots and video slots games. Their basic function is to stand in for other symbols to create a winning combination. Wild symbols can also be used as multiplier, increasing the payout by that multiplied value.

The Jackpot

The jackpot is the largest payout in slots. If the player receives a special payline with winning symbols all in a row, that means he or she has won the jackpot. Progressive jackpots are the biggest. This happens when slot machines connect in one common network. Every coin is counted and the jackpot grows progressively with each player, until someone wins.

The Payout

If a player wins in slots, his or her payout will depend on the number and type of winning combinations displayed on the screen, and whether the player bet on the combinations shown. Some slot games calculate the jackpot differently than others. Many video slot games determine the jackpot based on the amount wagered on each individual line. These wagers take into account your bets and multiply the payout by the number of credits from the winning line. Other slots games will payout the same jackpot regardless of the amount you bet on each line.