Slots Betting

Slots are not only the brightest, loudest part of most casinos, they are also the most popular. The majority of prospective gamblers are likely to give the slots a try at least one time, and quite a few will spend most of their time at the machines.

Unfortunately, because slot machines are randomized and don’t exhibit any discernible patterns, there is no method to fooling them into paying out big. However, there are ways to help you choose the best slot machine strategy for your style of play, increasing your enjoyment of the game.


Have a Money Plan

You’re probably not going to have a great experience at the casino if you leave with a completely drained your bank account. To make sure you don’t get carried away, it’s a good idea to bring in a cash bankroll that you can play with and are willing to lose. If possible, leave credit and debit cards at home – casinos are handily full of ATMs to encourage you to continue playing.

If you do win a fairly significant amount, consider cashing out and pocketing the money and continuing to play with your bankroll. This way, you can walk out of the casino with some winnings in your pocket.

Understanding Jackpots

Overall, the highest single payouts available are at the progressive slot machines. This has no effect on how often the machines pay, or how many smaller prizes may be awarded. These are highly recognizable as most of them feature a large ticker sign that shows the current maximum jackpot. If you’ve seen one of these before, you’ll likely have notice that the amount of money is continuously climbing. This is due to the fact that every time someone plays one of the machines, a percentage of their bet is added to the potential jackpot.


Progressive slot machines are linked and have a varying payout.

While some of these progressive slots are stand-alone, it’s more common for them to be connected to others. It could just be a handful of machines in the bank or a few banks throughout the casino, however they may be connected to various casinos in the city or even throughout the state. It’s these progressive slots that offer multi-million dollar prizes.

However, before you sit down at a progressive slot, make sure you have done your research and have read the details on the machine itself. For the most part, you can only win the top prizes if you have placed the maximum bet.

Placing your Bet

Whenever you sit down at a new slot, it’s extremely important to read the details before putting your money into the machine. To start, make sure you are sitting at slots that are in your price range. Sure, a quarter may not seem like a lot, but when you add on multipliers and all of the lines you can bet, you may start looking at $5 and up per spin. As quickly as these slot machines can run through spins, you could burn through $100 in a few minutes. If that’s okay by you, great! If that’s a little rich for your blood, nickel and penny slots are extremely popular for just that reason.

After finding a machine that suits you, it’s time to decide how much to bet each spin. There are two things that control your betting amount: lines and multipliers.


Bets will only payout if the correct symbols appear on the payline.

Lines designate the combinations that will result in a win. Three or five wheels with a matching symbol across the center line will win, which is fairly intuitive. However, with the advent of digital slot machines came increased possibilities of combinations. On some machines, you can bet on more than 50 combinations each spin.

Multipliers are how much you bet on each line. For example, say you’re playing nickel slots. You want to bet on five lines with a multiplier of two. Each spin will cost you 50 cents.

The important thing to keep in mind about multipliers is that they will have a disproportionate impact on the amount that you could potentially win. Take the last example – five lines on the nickel slots. If you used a single multiplier and hit the jackpot, it will cost you 25 cents each spin, and you have the potential to win as much as, say, $5 on any one spin. If you use the double multiplier, you may potentially win $10. However, if you use the triple multiplier – which is the maximum bet in this example – you have the potential to win $25.

Things that Won’t Affect Your Chances

11-3-Fact-FictionIf you’ve chatted with regular slots players, you’ve likely heard any number of ways to ensure winning. However, unfortunately, they are by and large urban legends.

We’ve all heard of hot or cold machines, or that once a machine hits a jackpot, it’s time to move on. Slot machines are programmed to be randomized. This means that what it hit last time, an hour ago or yesterday has no bearing on your chances of winning or losing this time.

Similarly, the machines in high-traffic areas like aisles or entrances aren’t more likely to pay out. As we discussed before, some types of machines have different odds, but any given slot’s chances of hitting are not affected by their placement.

However, the whole point of gaming is to have fun. if you have a lucky hat that helps you win or you know that when you cross the toes on your left foot, you hit a jackpot, by all means go forth.