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Casual Game ArtWe can all agree that staying focused at work can sometimes be a real challenge. Even at a gaming company, that holds true – though, not for the reasons you might be thinking.

You might wonder if I’m talking about Nerf gun battles or superhero debates that are commonplace here. Sorry to disappoint, but we’re all pretty used to those (and they are very professional!).

Maybe I’m talking about the wonderful view we have of Elliott Bay? While that’s a great perk, it isn’t what I would call a distraction.

What about plain, old boredom? Never! We’re all gamers at heart and we treasure what we do.

I’m talking about the art.

Big Fish Studios takes up the northwest corner of our floor and their workspace is truly inspiring. The rough sketches, the storyboards, the final game art. It’s like having a museum within shouting distance.

Taking a stroll through their area is always inspirational and fun. Whether I’m seeing new Mystery Case Files art or new concepts for the next release in the Drawn series, it’s always entertaining (the best is when they are creating an entirely new series!).

So, it’s easy to understand how it can be difficult to stay focused around here. I blame the artists (no, not really, we love them)!

For those of you who missed it, Big Fish Studios took home more Into the Pixel awards over the past two years than any other gaming studio. We wanted to take a moment to share the what we feel is the world’s best casual game art with you.

Click on any of the images below to see it full size.

Paper Dragon

Artists: Bryan Thompson and Hamzah Kasom Osman, Game: Drawn: Dark Flight

Drawn: Dark Flight Paper Dragon

The Cottage

Artist: Hamzah Kasom Osman, Game: Drawn: Dark Flight

Drawn: Dark Flight Cottage

Swamp Skull

Artist: Jeff Haynie, Game: Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull

Mystery Case Files: 13h Skull Swamp

Abandoned Car

Artist: David Stevenson, Game: Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove

Abandoned Car

Gideon’s Overlook

Artist: Steve Firchow, Game: Hidden Expedition: Devil’s Triangle

Gideon's Overlook

The Farm

Artist: Hamzah Kasom-Osman, Game: Drawn: The Painted Tower

The Farm

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