This weekend, for each Collector’s Edition you buy from, you can get another Collector’s Edition for only $1.99!

Just apply coupon code WEEKEND when you have at least one Collector’s Edition in your cart to get the second Collector’s Edition in your cart for $1.99.

Important note:

Games will be discounted at time of checkout.

To discount 1 game, put 2 games into your cart and apply the coupon code. If you want to discount 3 games, put 6 games into your cart and apply the coupon code, and so on.

How does this sale work?

The sale starts on Saturday, January 7th at 12:00am and ends on Sunday, January 8th at 11:59pm (Pacific Time).

  • You can use Game Club credits for this sale! Your credits will apply automatically just like normal,
    but if you apply the coupon code, it will make the second game $1.99. Collector’s Editions require 2 Game Club credits.
  • Everyone can participate, but other coupon codes or Punch Card coupons cannot be used as part of this sale.
  • Only Collector’s Editions are eligible for this sale.

Just follow these steps

  1. Go to the PC Collector’s Editions or Mac Collector’s Editions page.
  2. Find 2 Collector’s Editions of your choice and add them to your cart by clicking the Buy Now button.
    • To add more games, click the Continue Shopping link or the Big Fish logo in the top left of the cart.

  3. In your cart, type WEEKEND into the Have a coupon code? box and click Apply.

  1. Make sure that your Collector’s Edition has been discounted, then review your payment info and click Place Order.

How do I use my Game Club credits for this promotion?

  1. Add the Collector’s Editions you want to your cart. Your credits will automatically apply to those games. Each Collector’s Edition requires 2 credits.
  2. Type WEEKEND into the “Have a coupon code?” box, then click Apply.

  1. After applying the coupon code, your first Collector’s Edition will be discounted to $1.99, and your second Collector’s Edition will still have the Game Club credit discount.

Do these Collector’s Editions qualify for the Big Fish Game Club Monthly Punch Card?

Yes, you will receive 3 punches on your Punch Card for every Collector’s Edition that you buy.

What if I get an error message?

If you see an error message, you may not have enough Collector’s Editions in your cart to apply the code, or there may be a Daily Deal or Catch of the Week game in your cart. Remember, you need to have at least 2 Collector’s Editions in your cart to apply the WEEKEND coupon code.

Still need help?

If you still have questions, please visit our Contact Us page.

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