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For many, it is reading the beloved Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol which introduced to the world the tale of the much maligned Ebenezer Scrooge and his Christmas Eve journey to redemption.  Scrooge’s redemption came to pass because, as the Christmas spirits proved, there was in fact good in in his heart.  While A Christmas Carol ends with Scrooge’s redemption, it does little to change the circumstances of his past that laid the foundations for his lonely, miserly life.

But what if you could change that!?  What if you could change the past and give Scrooge the life he deserved?  Such are the possibilities in Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol Collector’s Edition, a beautiful retelling of the Dickens classic.


How it begins…

After years of living a lonely, miserly life your Uncle Scrooge sends you an unexpected invitation to visit him for Christmas.  Any invitation from Scrooge is out of character, but he makes his intentions plain when he tells you he is being haunted by unspeakable visions and fears for his life.  When you arrive at your uncle’s home you find him in a deep sleep and are confronted by a strange spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Even a spirit can see plain the wretched life that Scrooge has lived, but alerts you to the fact that Scrooge wasn’t always the man he is today.  The Ghost of Christmas Past informs you that your Uncle Scrooge is not inherently an evil man but has been shaped by unfortunate events in his life.  He acknowledges that Scrooge’s end is near and that tonight, this very Christmas Eve, he is offering you the opportunity to go back in time and reverse these events, ultimately changing Scrooge’s fate.

The Ghost of Christmas Past is but one of the spirits you will encounter on your quest to save your uncle.  Can you change Scrooge’s fate in time!?

The spirits have much in store for you…

Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol is much more than just a great retelling of a Christmas classic.  Here is but a sample of what you will find in this Collector’s Edition version:

-          Search for clues to Scrooge’s redemption in beautiful Christmas-themed hidden object scenes

-          Partner with Scrooge’s ‘good’ alter ego to animate objects for your use

-          Help Sherlock Cat find Santa Cat in the bonus game

-          Enjoy beautiful Christmas music, sure to get you in the holiday spirit!

-          Find all morphing penguin collectibles

-          Interactive Map

-          Multiple games modes so you can play at your comfort level

-          Earn fun achievements by finding all of the Christmas balls

-          Get soundtracks, wallpapers, screensavers, and concept art

-          Use the integrated Strategy Guide for help when stuck

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