Alien games provide a diverse range of entertainment options for gamers of all stripes. Many of the games are action-oriented, and offer heart pounding excitement. You may have to choose to join the resistance in a fight for survival against alien invasion, or control the alien avatars in whatever mission needs to be accomplished; from abducting people, to teleporting cows. The sky is literally the limit.

Other alien games may be more story-oriented, like a role-playing game. As objectives are completed, your hero or alien character will grow stronger and gain better weapons and other equipment.  We have games you can download and we also have free games online. When you play free online Alien Games, you will always have galaxies to explore!

The player that best manages their resources and attacks will prevail. Other popular alien games involve mazes; players try to escape, but have to fight the aliens that block the way out Go ahead and try out one of our alien games today by downloading a free trial! Even if you don’t see the exact game you want listed here, click on any of them and look for the purple Games You’ll Love box. There you are guaranteed to find the to cure your boredom!

Do you think you have what it takes to save the human race from alien invaders?

chicken-invaders-4get-this-game astro-avenger-2get-this-game space-strikeget-this-game star-defender-4get-this-game
alien-shooterget-this-game alien-starsget-this-game alien-hallwayget-this-game he-crop-circles-mysteryget-this-game


Graphics in these games provide a treat for the eyes. Players can often choose from a variety of alien types.  The alien characters can be downright scary, or hilariously incompetent.  Ratchet up the excitement as you dual it out and engage in spaceship battles. One of these free trail downloads is sure to be out of this world!

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