Imagine exploring ruins and finding a long-lost library or a priceless artifact. Have you ever wondered what happened to the civilizations that lived so long ago? Our Ancient Games let you explore mysteries throughout history. If you can’t get enough of playing Hidden Object Games, you can explore the tombs of kings that once ruled vast empires – just be careful to avoid awakening ancient evils!

Navigating the wonders of history is about more than treasure hunting. After all, who knows what lessons can be learned from exploring the forgotten past? The wonders of the world all have unique stories to tell and it’s up to you read between the lines to find the truth. In our Ancient Games, you’ll also get the satisfaction of solving puzzles laid out by the great minds of long ago!

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the-beast-of-lycan-isle-collectors-editionget-this-game island-tribe-4get-this-game awakening-the-skyward-castleget-this-game

The Big Fish library has a wide selection to choose from with thousands of downloadable games. Whether you want to explore the ruins or actually go back in time to meet the people of the distant past, there’s a game for you.

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