There’s something relaxing about peering into a fish tank to see aquatic life in all its beautiful shapes, colors and sizes. (That’s right, even at Big Fish we appreciate that small fish can be cool!) But there are a lot of decisions to make if you want to manage your own tank. Some fish need fresh water while others need salt water, and even that won’t make every fish happy – some sea creatures need brackish water, which is in the middle. And if determining the best salinity of fish-tank water isn’t enough, our Aquarium Games bring an even greater challenge. Imagine having to build the perfect tank within a time limit!

The Big Fish library has plenty of genres to choose from, so don’t worry if Time Management Games aren’t for you. You can still enjoy an aquatic expedition of the Puzzle and even Adventure variety! What creatures lurk in the depths of your fish tank? Find out by playing our Aquarium Games!

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jennys-fish-shopget-this-game fishtycoon get-this-game ”Aquapolisget-this-game

The Big Fish library is practically overflowing with aquatic adventure and has thousands of downloadable games to choose from if you are anxious to get your feet wet.

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