Give a man a drink, and you’ll quench his thirst for a day. Give many men drinks and you’ve got a booming enterprise! And there is nothing quite like a night on the town, particularly when that night is filled with martinis and mojitos. Our selection of Bar games gives you the chance to make the best drinks in town, possibly even the world, whether you’re after the ultimate three-martini lunch or just want to give customers from all walks of life a cool place to relax for the evening.

There are many different kinds of bars: tropical juice bars, jazz bars … sand bars. That’s why our games feature a variety of settings, some of which you can’t find in the real world! Ever wanted to serve up a drink that slows down time? Now you can in our selection of Bar Games.

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midnight-pool-3dget-this-game potion-barget-this-game cocktail-mania get-this-game tikibarget-this-game

Whether you just want to sip a cocktail or enjoy a few barcade games, the Big Fish Library has something to quench your thirst. We have a library of thousands of downloadable games that cater to a variety of tastes and skill levels.

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