Books are portals to all sorts of adventures. If you’re tired of reality, you can jump into a vast fantasy world filled with all variety of mystical creatures and landscapes. And if you prefer your characters to be a little more on the human side, you can find books about people from any time period or country! Just like their hardcover counterparts, our Book Games are diverse and feature all kinds of unique characters and settings.

Are you intrigued by ancient tomes and dusty libraries? Book Games allow you to explore those locales without all the allergies. Our titles are designed to appeal to players of all skill levels, so you’ll be sure to find something that is challenging but doesn’t give you a headache.

adelantado-trilogy-book-oneget-this-game dream-chroniclesget-this-game dream-chroincles-book-water-collectorsget-this-game the-book-of-desiresget-this-game
flux-faimily-secrets-the-book-of-oraclesget-this-game heartwild-solitaire-book-twoget-this-game azada-in-libro-collectors-edition get-this-game Lifelineget-this-game

The Big Fish library of Book Games has plenty of outlandish, mysterious and downright enjoyable titles for you to explore. Ever wanted to see your favorite characters come to life? We have games based on classic books!

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