Have you ever ended what life as a bumblebee would be like? Or maybe you want to take your revenge on the creepy crawly insects that haunt your nightmares. Well, get ready to protect the farm and save the homestead in our selection of Bug Games! In addition to traditional six-legged arthropods, you’ll find yourself fending off aquatic crab-like creatures, and even cosmic crawlers from outer space!

There’s nothing quite like fighting a legion of tiny creatures that are bent on using the hive to take over the world. At the very least, you’ll feel satisfied with your insect-squashing skills after a day of bug-themed Arcade Games. Better yet, you can test your wits against the hive mind in a Puzzle or Time Management Game!

beetle-bug-3get-this-game garden-panicget-this-game youda-farmer-3-seasonsget-this-game beetlebug2get-this-game
tumblebugs-2get-this-game your-doodles-are-buggedget-this-game waterbugsget-this-game

Keeping track of a bunch of six-legged creatures can get pretty taxing, but don’t worry too much about getting all bugged out. The Big Fish library offers thousands of downloadable games, geared toward players of all skill levels and walks of life.

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