What’s your favorite flavor? If you answered “sweet,” you should definitely try out our selection of Candy Games. We have treats from the North Pole to the Equator and everywhere in between. If you like the thought of biting into a rich chocolate bar while building your own candy factory, then our Time Management Games have what you need.

The best part of Halloween may be the delicious candy, but why limit yourself to just one evening of sugary goodness? Our Candy Games have just about every great-tasting flavor you can imagine – chocolate, peanut butter, mint, strawberry. Did you know they even make hot sauce flavored candy bars? They make candy for every taste, and we have video games for every type of player. So even if you don’t have a sweet tooth in real life, you can get a buzz from playing our Candy Games!

grandpas-candy-factoryget-this-game santas-super-friendsget-this-game cake-shopget-this-game everything-niceget-this-game
jessica-cupcake-cafeget-this-game magic-sweetsget-this-game sweetopia get-this-game bigpinataget-this-game

Just as candy comes in all flavors, our library includes thousands of candy-themed games. There’s definitely something to sink your teeth into in the Big Fish collection.

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