The path to stardom is paved with gold, but, as every celebrity knows, it’s also marked by trials and tribulations. Those that are teased by the promises of tinsel town and fascinated by the lure of fame have a lot of work ahead of them – not to mention the challenge of dodging tabloid gossip. Our Celebrity Games lets you take part in the latest pop trends and hottest new fashions, all without being hounded by the paparazzi!

Of course, you don’t have to be directly in the spotlight to be mystified by Hollywood. Imagine being the most sought after Hollywood P.I. or spending your days investigating celebs gone missing. No matter what side of Hollywood Boulevard you choose, action and adventure await!

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There are many different paths to fame. Whether your true calling is acting, writing or cooking, being the best at what you do can get you there. The Big Fish library includes thousands of downloadable games featuring celebrity characters from all professions.

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