There are few places on Earth quite as legendary and absolutely packed with culture as China. If you’ve been longing to delve into ancient mysteries, time-tested wisdom and fine cuisine, check out our selection of Chinese Games! You’ll contend with challenges both new and old as you navigate Puzzle Games like Mahjong and dodge dragons in China-themed marble poppers. Just don’t expect fortune cookies – despite popular belief, the prophesying delights originated in Japan!

If contemporary culture isn’t your cup of tea, we offer a few games set in Ancient China for your enjoyment. Complete with rich history, some twists and turns and possibly even a dash of Szechwan sauce to spice things up, our Chinese games are for players hailing from all over the world.

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cooking-academy-2-world-cuisineget-this-game dragonget-this-game ancient-wonderland get-this-game mahjongtalesancienget-this-game

Whether you’re interested in ancient history or are just interested in starting your own Chinese restaurant, the Big Fish library has a wide selection of games to choose from.

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