What’s better than a trip to the movie theater? How about getting to run your own establishment! There are some pretty nice advantages to running your own movie house – you get to decide which titles to play and which treats to offer guests. As you’ll find while playing our Cinema Games, there are also some difficult challenges in keeping the show going.

The smell of buttered popcorn wafting through the air, the sound of soda fizzing. All the staple components of a fantastic movie theater experience are available in the Big Fish library. Imagine starting off as a small-town theater owner and watching your business grow into large-scale film empire! Would you use your fortune to bring the newest hits or resurrect the classics? Maybe you can bring the drive-in back into vogue!

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If you’re eager to flex your entrepreneurial mindset, the movie industry is an exciting place to do it. With thousands of downloadable games, the Big Fish library can let you expand your cinematic kingdom across the globe.

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