Are you a word puzzle wizard? Crosswords quickly become one of the most common forms of entertainment after the first one appeared in a 1913 issue of the New York World. Although they were originally simple and fun word games, they have evolved to become intense lexical challenges after other newspapers adopted and improved on the general rules of the original incarnation. Fortunately, our Crossword Games deliver the best of both worlds with a variety of relaxing exercises in mental agility and mind-boggling enigmas.

Crosswords are a great way to put your language and logic skills to the test. Whether you win by process of elimination or just happen to know synonyms for everything, it’s always rewarding to see filled squares across the board. With the release of A New Game Every Day, the challenge never ends when playing our Crossword Games!

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This is your chance to join the ranks of legendary wordsmiths with a mind for linguistics. The Big Fish library has titles for all play styles and skill levels. So, whether you’ve played every crossword to hit the Sunday paper or you’re just starting on a new lexical adventure, a word challenge awaits.

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