What mysteries lie beneath the sands of a sun-scorched desert? How many mummies can one pyramid hold? If you find yourself asking questions like these, you might be itching for some Desert Games! The sweltering landscape of the Sahara has more than just sun and sand – as any treasure hunter will tell you, there’s plenty of fortune and adventure to be found among the dunes of the world’s largest desert.

Relic hunting isn’t for everyone, but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the rich history lost to the sands of time. Don’t let the seemingly barren landscape fool you, there is a lot to do beneath the heated gaze of the sun. You can even enjoy a tasty dessert on a deserted desert island!

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One of the good things about playing Desert Games is getting to enjoy the scenery without getting sand everywhere. Plus, there’s nothing like solving puzzles with pharaohs. Regardless of your reasons for braving the scorching sun, the Big Fish library has thousands of downloadable games for you to enjoy.

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