Video games can take you to all kinds of places – from the moon to Mars to places that don’t actually exist in our universe – but a wise woman once said “there’s no place like home.” If you’re tired of the extraterrestrial and finished with fantasy, you can play our Earth Games to take in a few familiar sights. Don’t worry, though, there’s plenty of adventure to go around on our little home planet!

Earth may have a pretty impressive width (25,000 miles in circumference at the equator), but don’t let that fool you. Our planet is swift, moving around the sun at approximately 67,000 miles per hour. There are also plenty of places left to explore whether you’re interested in aquatic expeditions or a journey deep underground.

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Just as the Earth supports a diverse range of life, the Big Fish library has a wide selection of games. If you’re interested in an Earth-bound scavenger hunt, then nothing beats a Hidden Object Game. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not explore this world by visiting its most famous locations in both the present and the past?

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