There are few places as legendary and mysterious as Egypt. Between the ancient gods, majestic pharaohs and mummy curses, an intrepid Egyptian explorer is likely to have his or her hands full. Fortunately, we’re bringing you the long lost treasures of the desert without all the sandstorms. Fascinated by the tombs of ancient kings? A Hidden Object game might sate your curiosity, but beware – those treasures tend to have vigilant guardians.

The Big Fish library has more than just mystery. If you’re an admirer of ancient architecture, you can build your own pyramid … or, if you’re the ambitious type, your own Egyptian empire! Regardless of what fascinates you most about the locale, one (or more) of our Egypt games will deliver hours of intrigue!

cradle-of-egyptget-this-game empire-builder-ancient-egyptget-this-game slingo-quest-egyptget-this-game time-builders-pyramid-rising-2get-this-game
Egypt-secret-of-the-five-godsget-this-game Egypt-III-the-fate-of-ramsesget-this-game wings-of-horus get-this-game luxor-quest-for-the-afterlifeget-this-game

If you’re anxious to embark on your very own Egyptian adventure, feel free to explore our library of thousands of downloadable games.

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