There is a rich and somewhat confusing history associated with elf folklore. Some myths associate elves with benevolence and supernatural powers – not mention toy making skills. Others depict them as creatures of the night that inflict diseases on people and livestock. But whether you’d rather protect noble elves from a foreign evil or defend your own nation from a malicious elven enchantress, our Elf Games have it all!

From Santa’s workshop at the North Pole to Medieval fantasy kingdoms, elves can be found just about everywhere. If you’re willing to put your time management skills to the test, our Elf Games let you run your own staff of helpers or even your own kingdom! Just like the legends of old, our titles also bring you the mysteries of ancient elven ancestries.

awakening-the-goblin-kingdomget-this-game allora-and-the-broken-portalget-this-game Christmas-tales-fellinas-journeyget-this-game enchantia-wrath-of-the-phoenix-queenget-this-game
santas-super-friendsget-this-game aveyond-2get-this-game elven-mists-2get-this-game ”bonampack"get-this-game

Ready to embark on your own elven journey and travel to mythical kingdoms? We have a wide selection of titles to choose from with thousands of downloadable games.

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