Elegant eats and wine tasting events may be good for special occasions, but even a refined palate can get bored on a strict diet of steak and lobster. Sometimes, you just need to sink your teeth into a juicy burger, nosh some hot and salty fries, and guzzle a good old-fashioned milkshake. And if you’re a true fast food aficionado, why not create your own empire of scrumptious edibles in one of our Fast Food Games! We have everything from burger joints to coffee shops to organic food games (for those of you who want to keep your customers both happy and healthy)!

You’ll get to put your time management skills to the test to keep customers happy, buy restaurant upgrades and eventually build the best fast food chains the world has ever seen. Whether you’re the coffee connoisseur with the perfect blend or just someone who screams for ice cream, you’ll find a game to love in the Big Fish library.

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We love variety, so our games are designed to attract all skill levels and playing styles. You’re bound to find something delectable in our library filled with thousands of downloadable games.

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