Do you love the sight of a garden filled with red roses, or do you prefer something more exotic in your flora? There are some flowers that are as rare as ancient artifacts, and some even have similar legends to accompany them! In our Flower Games, you’ll get to pick your favorite floral beauties, whether you like water lilies or the Lily of the Valley – which legend says came into being in the Garden of Eden.

Just as there are numerous varieties of flower, we have a huge selection of Flower Games. If you’re a flower-minded business mogul, then a Time Management game may be just your style. Just watch out for the animals that will inevitably be attracted to your beautiful garden! Don’t worry, if running a business sounds like more than you bargained for, we have flower-themed mysteries and plenty of Puzzle Games too.

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flowerquestget-this-game summer-tripeaks-solitaireget-this-game build-a-lot-2-town-of-the-year get-this-game fireflowerget-this-game


Our games are designed for a wide variety of skill levels, so you can jump right in whether you’re a florist or just like getting a bouquet on a special occasion.

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