From the tropical treats like mango and papaya to apples and grapes from temperate climates, there is a huge variety of fruits to tease your palate. Fortunately, there are also more than a few Fruit Games to satisfy your craving for entertainment. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds and sip a delicious fruit smoothie while browsing the Big Fish library?

Whether you like Time Management Games or you’re in the mood for adventure, Big Fish has a fruit-filled experience with your name on it. Run your own fruit stand or find a way off a deserted island with nothing but a little fruit to keep you from going bananas! Still, being stranded on a fruity tropical island might be better than debating whether a coconut is a fruit, nut or seed! Speaking of which, don’t let the name fool you – despite having “nut” in the name, it’s technically a drupe (which is a subtype of fruit).

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The Big Fish library has fantastic Fruit Games for everyone, whether your favorite fruit is a tart cherry, a shiny apple or something more unusual … ever had a tayberry or a gac? With our collection of thousands of downloadable games, you’re sure to find one you can enjoy.

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